The Top Halloween Movies

As summer fades and the trees drop their leaves anticipating a bitter winter it soon becomes time to carve out grimaces, bob for apples and trick the neighbors for a special treat. Yes, it is Halloween time and many of us will be looking for the best movie to make our skin crawl or the skin of others. The best Halloween movies will have you double checking your front door, as well as have you wondering if it truly was just the wind you heard outside. Today we will check out the best horror films of all time.

When it comes to laying your head down at night no movie has kept people trying to stay awake over the years more than A Nightmare On Elm Street. Whether it was the hideous burnt face or the razor sharp knives that its villain Freddy Krueger possessed, many people have not been able to sleep at night since Wes Craven brought former child molester back to life in 1984.

Although not titled Adventures In Babysitting as the 80’s comedy, John Carpenter’s Halloween was a true babysitting adventure. When Michael Myers slashed his way on to the scene in 1978, he would change the face of horror movies both figuratively and literally with his expressionless mask and signature butcher knife.

Summer camp quickly lost its allure in 1980 after Jason Voorhees began to off campers in his own clever methods. Friday the 13th would go on to spawn more sequels then any other horror movie to date. A recent remake has assured us that as long as they keep producing campers, Jason will keep producing kills.

No matter how hot the summer of 1975 was many people still shied away from the beach after seeing Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. Still to this day there are some who still admit they don’t go near the water because of the impact the film had on them many years earlier.

It was running water that moviegoers feared after seeing Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho in 1960. It had one of film’s most unforgettable scenes, when Janet Leigh was unexpectedly killed in the shower as the film opened. Backed by the eerie score of Bernard Herrmann it is still a memorable scene in a great classic film, years later.

In 1999 moviegoers followed three young filmmakers in to the woods and came out scared to death. The Blair Witch Project used a documentary style of filmmaking to terrify audiences and spawn a slew of rip-offs over the years, which can be attributed to its success in scaring fans.

In 1968 George A. Romero brought our loved ones back from the dead and they were not too happy. Night of the Living Dead was the perfect mix of horror and political views.
Horror films have stood the test of time and have helped us escape reality. So whether you are looking for a great date movie or just planning to spend the holiday gathered around the tube with a bunch of friends let yourself slip into a world of suspense and chills.


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