The Top Places to Visit in Arizona

Arizona is definitely one of those interesting states to visit. Although part of a long-running joke expressing disbelief (involving ocean front property), there are a number of reasons to visit Arizona. The desert state is well known as the southern limit of the Grand Canyon, but there are some other places to visit.

Starting with the obvious, Arizona is the southern-most state of the Grand Canyon. Known as the little river that could, the Colorado River has dug out the trench, exposing layers of history. Best known for the rafting trips and mule rides, the Grand Canyon is one of those must-see tourist attractions in Arizona. There are a number of spots where drivers can pull over and snap photographs while yelling over the edge.

Another site to check out is the Berringer meteor crater near Flagstaff. Roughly 4100 feet in diameter and 570 feet deep, the crater was formed 49,000 years ago by a meteor 90 to 150 feet in diameter. The largest crater in the United States, Berringer was owned by the Bar T Ranch as of 1880, and leased to the Berringer family in 1941 to mine the iron deposits of the meteor. The company went bust unfortunately. In 1955, Meteor Crater Enterprises set about creating a tourist center at the crater, and quickly became one of the major tourist sites in Arizona.

If you want to see modern architecture, there is Biosphere 2 in Tucson. It was developed as an attempt to see how long humans could live in a limited environment. However, the site has been opened up to the public with an interest in the sealed botanical exhibit. It has now become a modern tourist trap. There are some definite reasons to go there (that it’s one of the first attempts to live in an enclosed area), and the site can be a great mix of education and entertainment.

It would be a shame to visit Arizona without visiting a ghost town, such as Goldfield. A reconstructed mining town from 1890, Goldfield has everything you want in a ghost town from rattlesnakes and underground mines, to maps of some of the more famous mines such as the Lost Dutchman. However, there are also nice modern accommodations, including a quality restaurant and souvenir shops. The petting zoo is not advised; gila monsters, tarantulas, and scorpions only sound cute.

When it comes down to it, Arizona can be a great place to visit. However, keep in mind that the climate can be dangerous for those not used to it. There can be flash floods and snow, so keep an emergency kit in the vehicle at all times, and make sure that the kit includes a blanket and a snake bite kit. Chains are debatable as it can snow, but usually not that bad. Light jackets are also advised, as the clear desert skies do little to keep the heat during the night. Water and ways to cool down are extremely important; the famed Arizona heat can be a threat to your health. Keep that in mind, and your trip to Arizona can be safe and fun.


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