The Top Ten Brands of Watches

A watch should be two things: attractive and dependable. If you are trying to find a watch that suits your fashion needs, it may be a good idea to consider one of these top ten brands of watches:

1. Rolex

Anyone who is looking for a luxury watch definitely will want to think about a Rolex. This is one of the top ten brands of watches that has become recognized for both design and quality. Keep in mind that Rolexes can cost $10,000 or more depending on the specific model that you are interested in, however.

2. Timex

The reason that Timex has been considered one of the top ten brands of watches is because it is known to produce quality designs at an affordable price. All luxury watches do not need to cost you a portion of a year’s salary. Timex has a lot to offer.

3. Fossil

For high-end watches that come in some really great designs, be sure to consider Fossil. This top watch brand is constantly producing beautiful watches. Everything from team watches to heart-shaped watches for Valentine’s Day can be found at Fossil.

4. Philippe Starck

If you are looking for a very unique design. Philippe Starck is a great brand to check out. This is one of the top brands of watches because their watches are designed to be of the highest quality while remaining very fashionable.

5. Oakley

You probably already knew that Oakley sold designer sunglasses, but did you know that they also sell designer watches? This is one of the top ten watch brands because we all know that we can trust the Oakley name. Their watches are of very high quality and also come in some very sophisticated designs.

6. Seiko

Like Timex, Seiko is another one of the top ten watch brands that has become well-established based on its affordable watches. You will be able to find a watch that looks great and is dependable for a price that you can afford.

7. Pulsar

If you want a luxury watch but don’t like the price tag on Rolex, then Pulsar is a great watch brand for you to check out. Many of the models that Pulsar has to offer are designed after Rolex watches. Pulsar offers high quality watches at very affordable rates.

8. Diesel

For an affordable and functional watch, Diesel is a great choice. It is one of the top ten brands of watches because of its beautiful watch designs, which mainly consist of stainless steel.

9. Bulova

One of the top ten brands of watches that you should be sure to consider is Bulova. Watches that are offered by Bulova include lovely accents, such as diamonds and chronographs. For their beautiful designs and high quality watches, Bulova is fairly affordable.

10. Citizen

For a very basic watch design, one of the top ten watch brands to take into consideration is Citizen. Many of the designs are very simple, as well as sophisticated. Citizen produces high quality watches for a very affordable price.

These are just the top ten brands of watches on the market, but there are many other brands available for you to choose from. When choosing a watch, keep in mind that you do not need to spend a lot of money to find a fashionable watch. Many affordable watches are both beautiful and of very high quality.


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