The Top Ten Reasons Why a Person Would Get a Tattoo

Feeling a bit crazy? Or are you just feeling the need to express yourself? Getting a tattoo for many is both rebelling and a form of expression. There are many reasons why people go through hours of pain to have a saying or artwork on their body for life. Today we will look at the top ten reasons for getting a tattoo. Whether it is going to be your first or you are looking to fill the last piece of canvas your body has to offer, these are the reasons others have been going through the ritual for years.

One reason a person may get a tattoo is to remember a loved one who has passed away or is just very important to them. A banner or portrait may best capture these feelings. Some folks will get a tattoo, because its art is beautiful and the want to use the ink as an accessory or fashion tool. A beautiful lotus flower or a black and gray tribal piece can act as jewelry to some.

When it comes to expressing oneself, a tattoo may be the greatest form of expression there is. Feeling patriotic? An eagle or flag may show your love for your country. Impish fairies can show a girl’s devilish side. For a few moments of discomfort there is a lifetime of expression available. Your love is another reason for getting a tattoo. Maybe it is a sports team, music or a favorite movie. No matter what you are into getting inked is a great way to show your passion.

For some getting a tattoo is a way to show a person’s devoutness towards their religious beliefs. From crucifixes to the Jewish Chai, religious symbols have been marking believer’s bodies for years. In some ancient cultures, tattooing is a rite of passage and boys become men when they go through the inking ritual.

Expressing your love for your spouse is a common reason why some get their tattoo. Some will get their lovers names on their body, others will get a symbol to represent their lover, and some may even get a wedding band tattooed on their finger to show their bond. Fun! That is why some people will get a tattoo, just for plain fun. There is a certain wackiness that comes with getting a silly tattoo, like a taco!

Career may be another reason a person will go and get tattooed. Maybe they just want to do something to mark the accomplishment of their new career that they worked so hard to achieve. Finally there is the feeling that getting ripped at for an hour is actually therapeutic. Maybe it is not the actual pain of the ink being injected, but the felling of doing something just for yourself.

Tattoos are becoming much less taboo these days. Walk down any beach and you will see bodies adorned with ink and perhaps in more than one spot as well.


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