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The tragedy of my red purse

  • By Pam Green
  • Published 11/10/2010
  • Copywriting

Speaking of purse, I can not help remembering my two red purses. It is said that it is not easy for you to store money if you use a red purse, but I do not believe it. On the contrary, I am fond of red purses, so I always buy a red one. However, this two ones experienced an almost same fate. 

Speaking of the first one, I felt so regretful, because it was my favorite one. One time, my friends and I had made an appointment to meet at campus to have fun together, so I was so excited that I forgot to look after my bag. When I got on a bus, I picked out my red purse and took out some change for the ticket without being aware of the potential danger. At first, there was no seat, so I had to stand. At that time, I was sending messages to my friends about my arrival as well as standing. After a minute, there was a seat available, so I sat down. However, the moment I sat down, I found that

my bag was opened. Realizing what happened, I opened my bag immediately, but everything was late. I could not find my favorite purse, because it had been stolen. As for the second lost one, I was a little calmer than the first time. It was also a red purse. That was the first time my best friend and I had gone shopping to buy beautiful clothes, so I was very excited on the way to the clothes shop so that I talked with her without knowing that someone has ¡°taken away¡± my purse. Not until I was ready to pay money for my clothes did I realized it. At that time, I was too painful to speak a word. 

After these two unfortunate accidents happened, I knew that I could not be too careful when going out. What¡¯s more, I should look after my bag more when going out. However, I still do not believe the saying expressed in the first paragraph, because my third red purse has been with me for more than two years!


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