The Truth About Hoodia Patch


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Hoodia Gordonii is a plant that was first used in South Africa. A certain group of people called the san tribe used the roots of the said plant to decrease their appetite during long desert expedition when they hunt for food. Hoodia gordonii is described as a cactus like plant. The tribesmen would then break the plants leaves and roots into pieces and would chew it.

It was discovered in early 90’s in a laboratory that studies the diet of this san tribe. As an experiment this plant was fed on animals and one of its effects on them is that they lose weight. Based on a study done, hoodia gordonii affects the part of the brain hypothalamus. It is a gland that is found under the brain and its main function is to regulate body function and signals including the feeling of hunger. It can be compared to glucose but hoodia is proven to be more effective in controlling hunger impulse.

Today when you go to the market, you will find variety of products that is made from hoodia gordonii. This product can actually be in the form of a pill, syrup, shakes, diet bars and even spray. The most popular and effective one are the hoodia patch.

What are Hoodia Patch?

Hoodia patch are patches that contains hoodia gordonii. It has the similar concept like the nicotine patch. This patch is recommended to be placed in the shoulder or back. It has a self stick adhesive tape on one side. This patch will then slowly release the hoodia gordonii in the bloodstream. It bypasses the enzymes in the stomach and liver. The effect of this patch is to actually suppress the appetite for the whole day. It could work up to 24 hours and there is no need to worry about overdoses because the patches release the right amount at a given time. Based on the recent study, it is shown the hoodie patch can help reduce a person’s calories intake. Make sure that before applying it you need to clean the area first by removing the dirt and it is recommended that the spot is dry so that it can work better.

There are no side effects of taking in hoodia gordonii. If you develop rashes due to the patch then you can switch to capsules or liquid. With the use of these patches that could be added to a balanced diet and a well program exercise, it can actually work to lose those unwanted pounds quickly and effectively.

Considering Hoodia Patch

If you are planning to consider hoodia patch, make sure that you do your research first. Some products sold in the market can actually contain fake hoodia gordonii so be sure to only buy from trusted manufacturers. It is better if you read the newspaper or magazine for testimonies regarding this product. There are websites that could actually give you indepth knowledge about hoodia patch products. Before joining the bandwagon, make sure that you know what you are getting into.


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