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The Uniball Paper Clipper Can Uniball make a better binder clip


The Uniball Paper Clipper – Uniball’s version of the binder clip

The Uniball Paper Clipper is a unique item in the sense that it is a Uniball branded product that is not a writing implment, but rather a system for fastening sheets of paper.  The easiest way to describe this is that it seems to serve the same purpose as your standard binder clip.   The medium size version that I have here is suited to bind up to 40 pages, while there is also a small and large verison which bind 60 and 15 pages respectively.  When I saw this item on JetPens.com, I couldnt help myself and just had to add it to my cart, I figured that for $7.50 it was well worth the opportunity to possibly find something as good or better than a regular old binder clip, not to mention that I was searching for something to put my order over that $25 limit so I could get my free shipping.


Uniball Paper Clipper Warning Label

When I got this item delivered I was excited to open it up and give it a try, but lucky for me I did examine the package first, or else I totally would have missed the entertainment that the back of the package had in store for me.  If my Japanese cartoon reading skills are up to par, it seems to be warning me not to have two cups of green tea, while making noodles with this product or else it will come to life and stomp on everything I own.  Obviously to this day I have never mixed my paper clipping with green tea and noodle making out of fear of this devastating scenario.


Uniball paper clipper unpackaged for size comparison

As you can see in the picture, the Uniball paper clipper is fairly small in size, which is nice because you can tuck it away in any drawer or even just leave it filled with the clips and on your desk if you want to have it within reach at all times.   When you load the clips into the body of the paper clipper, they slide down the length of it, similar to loading staples into a stapler, except that the clips are not attached to one another, and the clipper only holds 8 clips at a time.  The next few pictures will show you how the loading process works as you fill the clipper through the back end.


A clip ready to be loaded through the back of the Uniball Paper Clipper.

The clip will be entered into the hole you see there in the back, and you can continue to load up to 7 more clips through this hole.  Using the black thumb slide that you see on the top of the clipper, you can feel the device lock into one of the clips loaded in the shaft and it is ready to slide it up to the top where your paper should be ready.  You can see in the one picture below I have used a ruler to show how the clip latches onto the paper, unfortunately I couldnt get a clear shot of it latching onto paper, so the ruler was the best I could do for photographic purposes.


A clip is inserted into the back of the Uniball Paper Clipper.


The Uniball Paper Clipper ready to clamp down on a ruler.


Uniball Paper Clipper clips 40 pages of notebook paper.

When putting the clip on a stack of papers, the clipper operates pretty smoothly, although it does take a little getting used to how to work it. I do like the way that the clips attach to the paper, and it is nice to not have the additional arms that you have with regular binder clips, it gives your papers a much cleaner look if you are handing out stacks of papers or doing presentations using the paper clipper instead of binder clips.

Overall I think that this method of clipping is pretty nice, and it does have a certain visual appeal that I think makes them nicer than regular binder clips, however the one drawback I do see is that if you leave your presentation with someone else, they can remove the clip, but will not be able to reclip the papers without having their own device.

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