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The value of a secondhand watch

  • By Julia Phillips
  • Published 11/19/2010
  • Article Writing

We live in a time of ¡°eyeball economy¡±. To women, a clear message is that what you look like explains what kind of people you are. In fact, it is the same to men. Currently, dressing up is no longer the patent right of women but also the right of men. Wearing a set of suit and a famous watch is almost the symbol of a successful man in the job market. However, not all of men can afford to buy a watch with high price. As this demand has been increasing in recent years, the second-hand watch market was born and developing at a high rate. Compared with watches without being used, those second-hand watches have themselves advantages. For customers who want to own a dream watch, they can buy one with lower price in the second-hand watch market. For those who love buying a new one to follow the trend of fashion, they can sell the old one in a short time and gain some money to buy another one. The second-hand watch market offers a platform for both of them. At the same time, the appearance of second-hand watch market offers more positions for those who lost their jobs. That is, it doesn¡¯t damage the interest of watch market but to promote the development of relevant industry. Furthermore, it is a good way to protect the environment. Nowadays, more and more people are conscious of the importance of environment protection. It makes them try to reduce waste and keep an economical mind. Some people believe that wearing a second-hand watch will decline to a lower status, while I think it¡¯s wise to do that. Although a second-hand watch has lower price, it doesn¡¯t mean the same to its value. On the contrary, the most value is that it caters to most of people.


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