The Video Game Design Software You Can Use Without Any Programming Knowledge

In the old days, you can get nowhere without having a working knowledge of programming language. However, times have changed.

If you choose the right software like Game Maker 7 then you task of designing a game becomes headache-free affair.

The developer of the software, Yoyo Games, allows you two options. Either you can buy the Pro version or download the lite version – with limited features – and try out for free.

Well, if you’re new to the gaming scene, you could do well to test drive the lite version.

Game Maker’s focus is to prepare users to create games by taking the visual approach, namely by the organization of screen icons. This task is made simpler by the program’s use of the drag-and-drop approach. So, those unfamiliar with traditional game development methods need not have to worry about a steep learning curve.

After all, the program’s primary aim is to help budding game developers realise their projects without having to lean such complex programming languages as C++ or Java. But if you’re well versed in code, you have access to the built-in programming language, GML (Game Maker Language) to serve your needs. GML allows you to fully customize your game and stretch the boundaries of your creativity.

Game Maker allows you to create games replete with dynamic backgrounds, breathtaking animated graphics and sound effects among others. If 3D game creation is your cup of tea then this software is ready to serve you.

Official tutorials are provided at the site. You have to download and unzip them into your hard drive. The other form of support offered by the developer is an active forum where the gaming community gather and discuss issues relating to the program. A cursory tour revealed thousands of posts. It certainly is a vibrant community.

There is a section on tutorials and examples with over a thousand posts. Then there is the section on 3D techniques. Sections are broken down into forums for beginners, intermediate users and experts. An interesting section is where game ideas are discussed. The developer has really gone out of the way to create value for Game Maker users through the forum.

What if you use the freeware version to create a game and later sell your product? Do you have to pay the developer royalties? The good news is you can freely sell your creations as long as you abide by the terms laid down by the developer. This includes distributing your product in non-editable .exe , .gmk, .gm6 or .gmd formats among others. Basically, you’re prohibited from using copyright-protected materials to create your games. You really don’t need to resort to that tactic because Game Maker comes packed with freeware image and audio files for unlimited use.

Well, how good then is Game Maker?

Listen to a user comment on a renowned download site: “If I had to list ten applications I thought were just brilliant, Game Maker would make that list for sure. It’s the only application I’ve ever found myself addicted to.”


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