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The warm and fashionable sweater new update

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 12/31/2012

How to choose the suitable clothing as your underwear in winter? Today our wholesale women clothing online shop brought some sweaters for girls, you can wear the sweater with a variety of winter coat, which can make you become warm and fashion. New winter sweater update here, so come koreanjapanclothing.com to take a look.

Short section of plush decorative sweater, light gray fresh and delicate, with a winter coat or tooling wind coat to wear, add a lot of fashionable emboldened it. The lower part of the body can be used with the Polka Dot slacks, a little taste of England, reveals the stylish elegance small fresh feeling.

White turtleneck sweater, especially the design sense. The version of the type is simple and elegant. With package hip skirt and tights with woolen coat, wear clothing with feminine elegance.

The yellow sweater has a kind of elegant fashion style. Simple and elegant with style, select army green coat with casual elegance, quite European and American Fan children.

Pale pink sweater with a lace skirt, which is vary nice. The pink snow boots, cute and sweet mix of styles. Piercing playful and lively temperament, with army green jacket, pretty simple, casual and comfortable.

White slit hem sweater, the style was good. Winter inside the ride longer suitable and good friends. With leggings, sneakers, choose the down jacket to match, warm and thick, not afraid of the cold wind.

Full of winter atmosphere the Nordic Wind emotional pattern sweater, relaxed sense of design has caused wore very neat.With brown shorts, black tights, shoes, fresh and delicate.

Gray long black sweater, loose and has caused the design version of the type, less look better style, wear clothing with charming and elegant feeling. With black tights, black high-heeled boots, temperament and moving.

The Winter Fashion Retro Deer Printing Sweater, you can wear it as a primer in winter. With a white pencil pants and the boots, it can bring elegant and minimalist style for you. So you don’t need hesitate, come our wholesale china clothing shop to choose the beautiful sweater.


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