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The Wipebook Dry Erase Notebook

I stumbled across this pretty awesome Kickstarter project and wanted to share it although it only has a few days left.  There are always a ton of pen related Kickstarter projects, but this Wipebook Dry Erase Notebook is the first of its kind that I’ve seen here or anywhere else.


The Wipebook Dry Erase Notebook is environmentally friendly as it obviously cuts down on paper use, but it also uses a minimal amount of plastic as well.  It is available in multiple formats including lined, grid, and blank or you can get one with a mi of all of the different page formats.  The Wipebook Dry Erase Notebook appears to be bound with plastic coil binding from the photos and video, this is usually a pretty solid option that doesn’t get bent out of shape like wire.  It also allows for you to completely flip the pages over flat as pictured above.

Each Wipebook has 25 pages, or 50 sheets to write on.  In addition to being erasable, you can also disassemble the Wipebook Dry Erase Notebook and scan the pages before you erase them.  This lets you have an electronic permanent version before you erase it.  My only hesitation after watching that video is that I wonder how easy it is to put the binding back on the pages.  I’m guessing it doesn’t go back on as easily as it came off.

One other thing that isn’t totally clear from the video is the quality of the dry erase markers that come with it.  I do like that they appear to be pretty fine tipped, which is great for such a small writing area.  I did however feel the need to take a look and see what I could find on Amazon for “super fine” dry erase markers.  What I found were these Staedtler Fine Point .6mm Dry Erase Markers which seem pretty thin.  I’m going to pick up a set of those to test out anyway, but they will be a great addition for when I also get myself the Wipebook Dry Erase Notebook.  I just backed the project and will be getting one of the Mixed versions and just noticed it also has the option of isometric, dots, and sheet music formats in addition to the lined, blank and grid.  Go check out the Wipebook and fund it if you think its as cool as we do, just note that the project is in Canadian dollars and requires extra for shipping to the US.  Hopefully we will have a review of the Wipebook Dry Erase Notebook not too long after the projected February 2014 ship date.

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