The Wonderful Places To Visit On Mississippi’s Gulf Coast

Authored by Mark Peters in United States 
Published on 02-02-2009

One of the most amazing vacation spots in the entire United States of America is Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. The area is home to old south plantations, the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, beautiful small southern towns, historical sites and attractions and a great number of beaches. Anyone who visits the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and has even the smallest interest in American history will be absolutely one hundred percent love all of the historical sites and museums that they will have access to. Mississippi’s Gulf Coast is also a great location for anyone who likes to spend time on the beach or explore tidepools and rock formations. Some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the entire country is located there and there are a great number of postcards sold every season that prove it. Those travelers interested in outdoor recreation will also be in heaven along Mississippi’s Gulf Coast as there are a number of opportunities to participate in outdoor activities of all sorts. There are even casinos in the area that cater to more adult pursuits like gambling and entertainment. When it comes right down to it, there are enjoyable attractions every where along the coastal region of Mississippi.

A visit to Gulfport, Mississippi is a great place to start when taking a trip to Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. There are a great many historical sites to see in the area and many of them pertain to the history of the old south. Gulfport in particular is home to the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center which is the perfect place for any family with young children as the center has a number of interactive science exhibits that are geared to children of all ages. Quality golfing can also be found in the Gulfport area with a quick trip to the Windance Country Club which easily presents some of the nicer golfing opportunities in the area. Funtime USA is also located in Gulfport, this theme park has been entertaining visitors for years and is a great place for the whole family.

Just east of Gulfport sits Biloxi, Mississippi, a famous stop on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. Biloxi has had a long relationship with the United States armed forces and has also developed over the years into a great vacation destination. Though there was severe damage to the waterfront area of the city when Hurricane Katrina struck the coast in 2005, a great many of Biloxi’s famous casinos have reopened and are back to providing first class gaming and entertainment opportunities for both the locals and out of town visitors to enjoy. Among the famous names operating casinos in Biloci are the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Beau Rivage, Boomtown Casino, Grand Biloxi Casino Hotel Spa, Isle of Capri Casino and Resort, Palace Casino Resort, Treasure Bay Casino and the IP Casino Resort Spa. Other attractions in and around the city of Biloxi include the historic plantation of Beauvoir which provides a look at the south from a unique perspective, Ship Island which sits more than ten miles offshore but is a popular beach attraction for locals and visitors alike and the Biloxi Lighthouse which is unique in that it is the only lighthouse in the world that is located right in the middle of a four-lane freeway.

A little further east on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast and travelers to the area can find the community of Ocean Springs. Located right on the coast, Ocean Springs is home to many attractions including the J.L. Scott Marine Education Center and Aquarium. This is another perfect place to stop, especially when entertaining children. A visit to the unique Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial is also possible in Ocean Springs, a rather impressive effort at a monument to the heroes from days gone by. Ocean Shores is also the home to Davis Bayou, part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore as well as the Doll House which is one of the more original specialty museums around.

Pascagoula is another community on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast that is worth a quick visit. Pascagoula provides a great look at small town life on one of the most famous shorelines in the United States. Besides being the birthplace of legendary singer JImmy Buffet, Pascagoula has also had long ties to both the shipbuilding and oil industries. Famous people who have crossed paths with Pascagoula in the past include feared pirate Jean Lafitte, two future American Presidents in Andrew Jackson and Zachary Taylor, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Nobel Prize winner in literature William Faulkner. One of the more interesting sites seen from the shores of Pascagoula is that of Petit Bois Island which is an uninhabited stretch of land that because of erosion has slowly moved west over the years.

While the south is famous for many things, there are so many things to see and do along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi that the area could never be famous for just one thing. The region has proven over and over to be one of the best places to vacation in the entire south, and people from all over the country have enjoyed it at various times. There is so much to see and do in the area that repeat visitations are often needed just to experience the region to its fullest extent. Mississippi’s Gulf Coast has more than enough attractions and things to do to entertain each member of a family or travel group. Anyone lucky enough to visit the area will cherish the memories they create there.


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