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The woolen dresses hold the fashion stylish in winter

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/19/2012

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Many girls all love the dress of woolen paragraph in their winter, because he material is soft and comfortable. When you wear the woolen dresses, you can feel warm and stylish. Now our wholesale china clothing shop will bring several 2012 new winter dresses in there, if you love the skirt and trying to select the next favorite style right now.

Elegant ladies wind woolen dress, the design of mixed colors, enough fashion, generous. Mysterious sapphire blue, with a low-profile light gray, camel, as well as the wild black fusion, is not to bring you a fresh feeling it  Fishtail skirt design is beautiful, and moving.

Small fragrant wind skirt design style has always been very simple. Classic black trim, prepared substantially refined and elegant. The woolen skirt, with models fur coat, I believe that would be a good choice.

Sweater vest, skirt, like so well-behaved, cute with it! Late fall early winter can be clothed, of course, with models thin more warm it. In addition, the pattern of the vest skirt scattered wave point is not very playful.

Camel dress, probably more common in winter dress a Color Classic and wild. Neckline exquisite flowers hollow design, did not let you be tempted? Fine white lace Crochet, the mature taste maroon, do you like this dress?

The Korean fashion dresses, dolls collar designed to allow you to wear clothing with sweet feeling like the girl next door. Waist tightened slightly sketched lines and slim body filling completely. Than big wave dot pattern dot pattern more detailed and beautiful,

Wholesale fashion dresses, this season it will bring you good luck and help you pocketed the opposite sex. Blue pointed collar studded with colored rhinestones, which is beautiful and very stylish. Come here to choose the fashion dresses in our wholesale shoes shop.

 Please come here:http://www.wholesalelucky.com


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