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The wrist watch my love

  • By JoseA Perea
  • Published 01/19/2011
  • Fiction

I have  always been loving wrist watch because I think it’s very cool when I am  wearing it. As a necessary item, watch plays an important part in our  life. I began wearing wrist watch when I was still young. There were  some interesting memories about the wrist watch. When I  was young I always wanted to win a lottery because the prize would be a  wrist watch. At that time owning a wrist watch was a luxury thing. You  would be admired by your friends if you wore a wrist watch. Luckily, I  did win a lottery. That meant you could show off among your friends.  That would be a very pride thing. I have  always been wanting a female wrist watch which is red. Red is always my  favorite colour. It seems lively and it just suits me well. Now I have a  sport wrist watch which is red. My friends all say that it is amazing  and beautiful, which makes me feel very pride. 

Wrist  watch is not only a tool which tells the time but also a decoration. You  can’t live without it. It brings you charms and it make you attractive.  It is also the neces

sary item which can show your taste to life, which  will make you elegant. I am wearing a wrist watch all the time. It gives  me confidence and happiness.  The  female wrist watch is a necessary item to me. I can’t imagine that what  if I don’t have a wrist watch. Every time I go into the watch store I am  totally attracted by the delicate wrist watches. The wrist watches seem  magic and draw all my attention. I’m too crazy about the wrist watches  to look away from them. When I am wearing a delicate wrst watch, I feel  like my wrist is alive! It make my wrist beautiful. I also  like other kinds of wrist watches very much. Purple is elegant and pink  is lovely. Both them are women’s first choices. I like to collect many  kinds of wrist watches. They are just like parts of my life. They are  very important to me. I have had a dream that I lived in a country made  of many kinds of wrist watches. It is still my favorite dream. Believe  me, owning a delicate wrist watch is the happiest thing in the world. 

My love- wrist watches show good taste of life. A tasty life and a fashionable life can’t be led without the wrist watches.



by JoseA Perea


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