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The Write Words

  • By Saleem Rana
  • Published 03/23/2008
  • Writing for the Web

How do you write splendid copy for your website? Imagine it is the Elizabethan era, and a young man with a broad forehead and contemplative eyes, sits poised, quill pen in his firm hand, a vellum parchment before him, thinking. Ink pot, pen, and paper are all laid out neatly on the crude wooden table with it’s knots and wormholes. Within him is the excitement of advertising his visions, and he hears claps of appreciation, and he sees, dancing in the sunlight, falling from the heavens, golden coins. As he connects with this inner thrill, it translates into words, and as ink spots fly on his crisp white shirt, he is transported into a world of eloquent testimonial. As in this ancient scene, the answer is the same for you. Use short words and use old words; these are the best. Speak from your heart. Let your enthusiasm speak through you. And write as if to a dear and sympathetic friend, one who shares the same rhapsody over this marvelous new invention that you wish to gift the world. Revel in the story of it’s creation-the ardor and grandeur of it, and how from nothing, from a mere whimsical idea, not even worthy of a second thought, it flourished into this bold, new invention that all will desire.

The craft is the same, only the tools have changed. You now have a table made of so

me prefabricated material that you call your desk. You now have replaced your piece of vellum with a computer and a monitor. And your pen is your keyboard. Perhaps you have a software program where you simply fill in the blanks after it prompts you with questions. Perhaps, too, you have a new set of books, freshly downloaded from the internet, a swipe file from other people’s successful promotions, then another pile of papers on the most arresting clichés, and finally just beneath the pile, that dog-eared course you paid too much for on how to write arresting copy Yet behind all the clutter, your real tools are the same: your brain and your heart. How sincere are your statements, how honest your claims, how beneficial your offering, and how can it truly be the blessing that you claim? Be an optimist-it will not do you any good to be anything less. Tell the truth-otherwise your lie may be exposed halfway across the world before you can say “Yahoo.” Detail your history of invention, and it will be a kind history, for you intend to write it. Do not jabber like a parrot. Show how your invention will end all animosity on the planet and will be better for the human heart than a rare book crammed with the loftiest quotations from the most sublime minds throughout history.

Perhaps you understand now. The best way to write splendid copy is write as if you mean it. An honest and detailed description will awaken your inner Shakespeare.


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by Saleem Rana



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