Theories Behind Bermuda Triangle


Authored by Douglas Mefford in Paranormal
Published on 05-15-2009

There is an area of ocean off the eastern coast of Florida that has had a reputation for disaster ever since Europeans began sailing to the North American continent. The “Bermuda Triangle” comprises the area from the southern tip of Florida to the Island of Bermuda and down to Puerto Rico. Included in this stretch of water is the Sargasso Sea, a huge plateau that is infested with thick kelp and seaweed beds. For centuries many ships have disappeared in this region and, in the last hundred years, a number of aircraft have also vanished. This has given rise to legions of mysterious things going on in this area.

There has been a great deal of speculation as to why these occurrences seem to focus on this one area. Alien encounters and unidentified flying objects have been blamed for many disappearances. It is popularly thought that under the waters of the Bermuda Triangle is a vast underwater base for aliens from another world. It is often believed that abduction events and possibly the adverse interaction of our technology and that of otherworldly civilizations cause the disasters.

Other people theorize that ancient and powerful technology left over from the mythical lost continent of Atlantis is to blame for the anomalies that are reported in this area. It has been written that huge pyramid shaped structures lie on the ocean floor of the Bermuda Triangle and that mysterious energies emanate from them that wrecks compass bearings and often attracts and pulls ships down from the surface.

Theories on the Triangle phenomena has even taken such fanciful directions as to claim that under these waters is the home of the Greek Sea God Poseidon who exacts his tribute from the humans who no longer believe and worship him. These theories have grown daily since E.V.W. Jones first formalized the “legend” in newspaper articles in 1950. Subsequent articles in “Fate” magazine, the first of which gave a highly speculative and not very accurate description of the loss of Navy Flight 19 in December of 1945 added fuel to the fire. Every story tries to top the last on just what strange things cause this seeming anomaly.

Unfortunately for those who seek wild and unusual theories, there has been shown time and again that there is no mystery in the Bermuda Triangle. For one thing, this area is bordered by the conjunction of three major ocean currents while also laying within the zone of the Easterly Trade Winds. This naturally creates turbulent conditions and the possibility of quick-forming and violent storms. Also contributing to what initially appears as many ship losses is the fact that one of the busiest shipping lanes in the Atlantic travels through the area. While more ships are lost here, it is because so many more ships travel through this area. When a statistical analysis is made “per capita” there is no greater loss of ships here than anywhere else in the world.

No one has yet to record anomalous energies or magnetic variances. No one has captured aliens or dug up strange machines from Atlantis. What is found through greater study is an area of the ocean that is naturally dangerous, coupled with an extreme amount of travel within its boundaries.


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