Therapedic Mattress Review


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Furniture
Published on 02-16-2009

Therapedic mattresses were designed to provide consumers with a comfortable and cozy mattresses while also offering the highest level of support. They offer several different types of mattresses to meet a variety of needs. Therapedic actually uses hand crafting when designing each mattress. Customers do not need a prescription for these mattresses although they provide the same high quality of medical mattresses prescribed by physicians. Consumers can search for a mattress that won’t break their pocketbook but that will provide sleep filled nights for years to come.

Therapedc Memory Touch and Therapedic Air Touch are two of the most popular Therapedic Mattress styles. The Therapedic Air Touch Matress was designed for couples. The AirTouch Mattress responds to the sleep needs of each person to ensure that both members of the couple receive a comfortable and pain free night of sleep. One person might want a very firm mattress, while another might prefer a soft and cozy level. Each person can adjust their side of bed for optimal comfort. A husband does not disturb his wife when he gets out of bed or vice versa. Each side of the mattress retains the desired level of comfort for the occupant.

The technology used for the MemoryTouch Mattress was first designed for use by NASA astronauts. It is not comfortabe to be sitting in a spaceship adjusting the changes in gravity and other forces. Advanced technology was able to provide a comfortable padding for astronauts. That same technology is used in the MemoryTouch Mattresses providing optimal comfort and healthy support.

Therapedic Mattresses receive positive reviews from satisfied customers. Everyone comments on the level of comfort their Therapedic mattress offers. A Therapedic mattress is always compared to the feeling one would imagine they would feel if they could float on top of clouds. A comfortable mattress to one person could be uncomfortable to another but this is not a problem with the Therapedic mattress styles offering the ability for both people sleeping in the bed to set their side of the mattress to the ideal comfort setting for them. Customers rave about the ability to customize their mattress to provide a wonderful night’s sleep.

Customer reviews for Therapedic mattresses frequently discuss the decrease in pain customers experience upon sleeping in their new Therapedic mattress. People with persistent back or neck pain state that the mattress provides them with a comfortable night of sleep. Many customers share the fact that they used to wake up in pain each morning but no longer experience that discomfort upon rising from their Therapedic mattress. Individuals who experience a stiff or sore back from their old mattress are pleased to discover this is no longer the case when they sleep on a Therapedic mattress.

When reading through customer reviews and feedback for Therapedic mattresses, you will see a consistent theme. Nearly all customers talk about the value they received for their money. You would be hard pressed to find any reviews where a person did not feel as if their new mattress was not worth the money. In fact, most customers believe the mattress was an excellent investment. The mattress provides years of comfortable pain free nights of sleeping ahead. To anyone who has been a victim to a poor mattress in the past, a good night’s sleep is priceless.


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