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There Is No Try

  • By Sean D’Souza
  • Published 03/23/2008
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Luke stands before Yoda in the movie, The Empire Strikes Back. Luke’s face is alight. He’s astounded that Yoda was able to lift the spaceship from the swamp, when Luke could barely move it. “I don’t believe it,” he says in amazement! “That,” says Yoda, “is the reason you fail.” Simple words. Prophetic too. Because you run into them each day. The only reason you fail is because you don’t believe 100% in what you do. If you did, your strategy would be completely different from the one you have now.

Imagine this scenario. Imagine wanting to drive a car. Then imagine getting in a car and just driving. No lessons. Just switch on the ignition and go. Or even worse, you start, stop, start, stop and then decide car driving is

way too tough. You know better. Even before you drive a car, you know you can do it. You know it because you see others drive cars each day. You see them drive and then you believe you too can drive. And so you take the steps. You educate yourself through the lessons. You get yourself a licence. And then you drive. Starting up a business requires no such diligence. The reason why it’s start, stop, start, stop is because you don’t see everyone succeed. Some do. And some don’t. And slowly your belief crumbles. You wish you could make those millions but you think it’s for others. You even justify it in your brain after a while. “I’m happy,” you say. “I could do without being rich,” you say. That’s why you fail. So said Yoda.

Truer words were never spoken.



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