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As I gather my thoughts on the direction that I want to take my blog in, I thought I would build myself a little outline of some of the items I expect to review in the coming days.


I have a small handful of pens to review that range from a $1.50 highlighter to a mid-range Waterman rollerball.  Most of the pens are recent acquisitions from JetPens, Colorado Pen Direct, Paradise Pens, and the old stand-by aka “Staples”

Not only do I plan on reviewing the pens or supplies, but I also plan on providing feedback on the places I have purchased from both online and off line.


I have two different notebook types that I plan to review, none of them being the old 5-Star coil bound ones that I used to heavily rely on.  As of late I have become addicted to the Levenger Circa system, but I do have one other type that I am still slightly fond of which I will review.  Again, along with the product review I expect to do a full review of my experience with Levenger as a retailer.

Desk Chairs:

Unfortunately this is not something I buy frequently enough to do mass reviews, but I did just purchase a new one to replace a TERRIBLE old one that I had.  I will focus on a comparison of the two and also compare to some chairs that I have used in the past at work.

Desk supplies:

This is a catch-all for now to cover the things that are not pens or notebooks.  It will include any type of organizers, or accessories like staplers, binder clips, rulers, filing systems, and such.  Not as exciting as the rest, but still stuff that I enjoy and that deserve attention.


There are a ton of sites that do in-depth reviews of electronics so I might not focus heavily here but I do expect to hit a few of the essentials like printers and monitors.

Future Purchases:

I thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts on purchases as I am researching and considering them in hopes that I might get feedback from my many (OK, as of today 0) readers.

That is all I’ve got for today, and I do have other plans for what I might include in the future, so thanks for bearing with me as I start to lay things out.  And to whomever is my first reader, thanks in advance for wasting a few minutes of your life with my ramblings here so far.

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