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Things To Consider Before Buying A Colour Laser Printer

Buying colour laser printers is a big investment for a small business; whereas big companies make use of multiple laser printers a small company or office can get its daily work done by a single colour laser printer. This however is a problem that buying a laser printer is not affordable for all small businesses. to help out in this problem here is a cost benefit analysis of colour laser printers that would indicate the benefits a business would reap out of its investment on a laser printer. Consider each point below with respect to your own organization and set up your own cost benefit ratio.

• First of all list the activities of your business. Where do you need a printer? For a simple text printing of few pages daily a black and white printer that is of quite a low cost would be feasible. However for large amount of text and graphics printing, colour laser printer is essential.

• Secondly consider the cost. To be straight forward there is a direct relation between the price of a colour laser printer and its speed. The high speed and reliable printers are usually more expensive than others however their printing power and speed outweighs their cost. So if the nature of your business demands speed and large amount of printing then do not compromise over the quality of a printer for few hundred dollars.

• The placement issue is also important. Unlike mono laser printer and inkjet ink cartridges, a colour laser printer requires larger space and room for operation. It is heavier and larger than mono laser printer and inkjet ink cartridges and thus usually come up with longer warranties.

• The next common issue is of all machines that is maintenance. colour laser printer because of its large size and complex structure as compared to mono laser printer are difficult to maintain. They need more space and time for their maintenance.

• An important feature of some colour laser printers is their two way printing. The printers that offer two ways printing meaning printing on both sides of the paper are efficient and speedy plus they save money in term of few numbers of papers. Also colour laser printer input less cost to print a page than inkjet ink cartridges.

• Finally is the trial test. Before handing over money to the seller, make sure that you have tested the output of a colour laser printer. Do print some text pages and some graphics to test the quality of printing and the throw of colours. you can visit online websites to study customer reviews also.

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