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Things to Consider When Choosing Frames for Multiple Photographs

If you are planning to buy photo frames to display a number of precious photographs or a group of rare artwork, you need to consider certain factors. Without proper planning, it may not be possible to choose the right frames for the display of multiple images. Here are the points you need to pay attention to in this regard.

Consider the space available. Collage photo frames require space to set up. Whether you choose a horizontal frame for your living room or a huddle of mix and match frames for your office desk, make sure the frames are not too big for the space.

Consider the number of pictures. If you have a group of 10 pictures, a frame that has space for only 6 pictures would be inappropriate for it. Keep the number of pictures you want to display in mind. Make sure the photo frames you choose corresponds to your requirement.

Consider the content of the pictures. The pictures of your family would look good in a collage photo frame in the shape of a family tree; however, it would not be the suitable frame for displaying artwork. Make sure the picture and the frame complement each other.  

Consider the mood and style of the pictures. If it is a group of modernist paintings, a traditional wooden frame would be a misfit for it. Make sure the style and mood of the photo and the frame go well together.   

Consider the colours in the pictures. The picture of a tropical butterfly with vivid colours may look great in a bright green frame. If you are not sure about the right frame colour, opt for neutral shades that set off almost all pictures.

Consider the colours on the walls. Collage frames are, in most cases, big. This is the reason that makes neutral colours a good choice of these frames. However, off-white frames on white walls may lead to a washed out look.

Consider the amount you plan to spend. The price of the photo frames depends on a number of factors – size, shape, material, mats, and so on. Before you check out the frames available for multiple photographs, fix the budget for your purchase.  

Consider the effect you want to create. Whether you want to create a style statement or a cosy homelike ambience, the right frame would help you with this. Imagine how a particular frame would look in a particular place before you buy it.

The next question is – where do you look for the frames for multiple pictures? It is possible to find such frames from art and craft stores, gift shops, home décor store, antique shops, and various other places. Online stores also offer collage photo frames.

Many individuals prefer this shopping option because of the range of products they may check out before they select one. Moreover, online shopping also gives you the convenience of shopping from your home. It is also much easier to find good bargains on photo frames from online stores.

Author Bio

Chloe Evans is the editor of a home décor magazine. She provides a brief guide to the things to consider when you need to select collage photo frames.


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