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Things to Consider while Purchasing a Pop Up Display

  • By Steven Hayes
  • Published 11/5/2012

When you visit a trade show, you will notice that most of the displays are pop up stands. Businesses, both large-scale and small-scale select pop up display stands that offer fine visual impact and professional look. Pop up display stands are an inexpensive option and easy to set-up. Setting up a pop up display stand needs just one employee.

When not in use, it can be folded and stored in the case provided at the time of purchase. This compact carrying case makes it easier to move the pop up display stand from one location to another. Due to these reasons, pop up display stands are most appropriate for use at trade shows and exhibitions.

Are you thinking of buying a pop up display stand for your trade show? There are certain factors to take into consideration while purchasing pop up stands.

Portability and durability – lightweight aluminium is used to make pop up display stands. That is why these display stands are convenient to unfold and they offer service for a prolonged period. You should ensure that the display you buy is made from this material.

Standard and commercial displays – commercial pop up display stands contain heavier and sturdier steel frames as a result of which, it is a bit difficult to carry them. On the other hand, standard pop up display stands that are made from lightweight aluminium are easier to transport because of their portability.

Both types of pop up displays are durable. When it comes to choosing between these two options, you need to take into account how often you make trade show appearances.

If you participate in trade shows once or twice a year, a commercial pop up display is a suitable option. A standard pop up display is a right choice if you attend trade shows frequently.

Price – pop up displays are a popular choice and the reason is their price. They are a more economical option in comparison to the gaudy modular displays. The price of a pop up display depends on many factors such as the type of frame which will support the banner and the type of fabric and printing for the graphics.

Steel is more expensive than aluminium. Commercial pop up displays will cost more than the standard ones. Photo-mural pop up displays contains high-grade graphics. They are costly because of the superior quality of printing.

Printing – the type of printing you choose for your graphics will determine the visual impact of your display. Therefore, ask your pop up stand seller about the quality of printing for your graphics. After the delivery of your pop up display, if you encounter issues with the printing quality, you should contact the seller without delay.

Warranty – you should inquire whether your pop up display seller offers a warranty on products. Your display may experience wear and tear during set up or transport. It is wise to check with your pop up display seller’s warranty policy before making any purchase.

Therefore, you should consider these factors when purchasing a pop up display for your trade show.

In order to ensure the success of your business, promotion is vital. Using good point of sale material to distinguish the look of your store and choosing pop up displays to showcase your products and services at trade shows are the essential steps to promote and advertise your business.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is working in an advertising agency. He provides tips and suggestions for businesses choosing pop up stands.


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