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Things to Consider While Writing a Statement for Trucking Insurance Company

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you will file a truck accident lawsuit. The trucking company is bound to pay you compensation when the driver is at fault for the accident. But do you think the owner or the driver himself will pay the compensation? If you think that way, you are wrong. You will be paid the compensation by the insurance provider of the trucking company. Now it is obvious that the insurance company will try not to pay you compensation by denying your claim. But they can not do so directly. So they will look for other means.

One of the easiest and most common tricks that insurance companies apply is that they ask the plaintiff to submit a written statement. They ask the plaintiff to write everything in details. They try to convince the plaintiff that submitting written statement will help them to get the payment faster. But in reality, there intention is something else. They actually hope that you will write something wrong and they will take advantage of the statement and deny you the claim.

Hence, you will have to be extremely conscious about writing the statement. Go through the tips given below to know how to write the statement so that you get the compensation.


First of all you should understand that being involved in a legal issue is a complicated matter. It is better not to try handling things yourself without seeking help from a lawyer. You should consult the matter with a lawyer before you start writing the statement. Make sure to seek help from a local lawyer who has specialization and experience in this field. For example if you live in Florida, you should count on a Florida Trucking Accident Attorney.

·        Follow your lawyer’s instructions while writing the statement. Don’t apologize for the accident as this will prove you guilty.

·        Do not mention everything in detail while writing the statement. This will help the insurance company to find a loophole.

·        There is no need to mention your injury in detail. You don’t even need to the name or the contact number of your doctor. The insurance company can not talk to your doctor without your consent. 

·        Let your lawyer go through the statement thoroughly before you submit it.

Following these tips will maximize your chance of getting the compensation.

Michael Cruise is a trucking accident lawyer and he has several blogs dedicated to topics like Florida Trucking Accident Attorney, truck accident law Miami and so on. For more information on these topics he suggests you to visit http://truckinglawcenter.com/  .


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