Things to Do in Brisbane The Jewel of Queensland

As home to almost 2 million people, Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city and a top vacation and tourist spot for tourists who want to see that the “land down under” has to offer. Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland and is located on the Brisbane River, and its eastern suburbs line the shores of Moreton Bay. Obviously, being a major tourist destination, it has plenty of all the things you would expect of such a place. There are many gorgeous sandy beaches, great places to do some shopping, excellent restaurants, beautiful parks, live concerts, and amazing hotels. No matter what you are looking for from a vacation, Brisbane has it all, and delivers it with a breathtaking backdrop only Australia can provide.

Where to Stay in Brisbane

Brisbane has many places for lodging, but if you want to stay at a really nice hotel, you should definitely check out the Brisbane Manor Hotel. This lovely hotel offers its guest all the comforts of home in a very calm and low-key atmosphere. Privacy is king there, and everyone loves a little privacy when on vacation. It is located in the valley, the heart of Brisbane, just a short walk from many of the best restaurants, clubs and other businesses in the area.

Where to Eat in Brisbane

After a long nap or some time to unwind, you should head out to eat at some of the finest hotels in Brisbane. If you are up for a nice, hearty bistro meal, check out the Continental Café. The place is usually has a full house during breakfast time, but serves up mean bistro dinners in afternoons. This is a place where you can relax and enjoy a nice bistro dinner in a comfortable environment. If you are up for pizza, check out Fatboy’s Café, on Brunswick Street. Here, you can enjoy nice and hot pizza slices, which will make your mouth water for more.

What to See in Brisbane

After or before you had a nice meal at a local restaurant, go around Brisbane and see some of its many sights. If you’re a lover of nature, the Brisbane Botanical Gardens is the place to be. There, you will see exotic plants and animals, including the famous koala bears and kangaroos. If you are a lover of the fine arts, check out the Museum of Brisbane, where they hold exhibits of Brisbane’s past and present.

Entertainment in Brisbane

If you love the nightlife, Brisbane has a very active nightlife. If you’ are up for some disco music, check out the Empire club, on Brunswick Street. Here, you and other disco music lovers can hang out, relax, and dance to fine-tuned disco music. Or if you are in the mood for some authentic Australian beer, there are many pubs and clubs that serve it. One of the best pubs in Brisbane is the Bowery pub, on Ann Street.

This concludes our guide through Brisbane, Australia. If you ever plan to come there, you will definitely find fun and relaxation!


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