Things to Do in Edinburgh, Scotland

The city of Edinburgh, Scotland, has a population of over 450,000 people (nearly 1,000,000 in metro population), making it the largest city in all Scotland. This town is also a favorite tourist place among most U.K. tourists. It has stunning Georgian and Victorian architecture and winding medieval streets, which show exactly why Edinburgh has been listed as a world heritage site. Here, in this capital of the Scottish people, you will find a number of great restaurants, shopping malls, taverns, clubs, beautiful parks, museums, hostels, excellent hotels and of course, Edinburgh Castle which stands over you from the top of an ancient volcano located in the center of the city.

Getting To and Around Edinburgh

Edinburgh has many hotels and hostels where you can stay at. To get to one of these hotels, you can hire a taxicab or use the airport’s bus service to get there and around Edinburgh. There is also the option of walking, depending on where in the city you are located and what you plan on doing while there, this could be the best and of course cheapest choice.

Where to Eat and Drink in Edinburgh

After or before you have had a good nap, in your hotel or hostel room, you should check out one of the many great restaurants in the Edinburgh area. Many of the restaurants offer its patrons with delicious local and foreign foods. For local foods, there is haggis, a food make from sheepskin, black pudding (bloody-like sausage), deep fried pizza, deep fried hamburgers and much more. For a list of drinks to wet your whistle, they include haggis, Scottish whiskey, dark ale, brown ale, Guinness beer, Bloody Mary, Scottish genuine draft beer, and more others. If you prefer non-alcoholic beverages, try the In-Bru drink. It is good to cure hangovers as well as to satisfy the thirsts of non-alcohol drinkers.

What to Do and See in Edinburgh

Before or after you had a good meal in one of these restaurants, you should take a walk through the “Walk of Leith” – a small river that runs thorough the city. This is a good place for someone that is seeking peace and quiet. Also, if you are in Edinburgh during the months of July and August, check out the Edinburgh International Festival. Or, if you are in the mood for a good movie or two, check out a few of the cinemas in the area. The biggest of these cinemas, Cineworld, on Dundee Street, has an array of foreign and national movies that you can view and enjoy. The movies come with subtitles as well. If you are in the mood to see a concert, see a show or tow at the Bedlam Theatre, at Bistro Place. Like the fine arts? Check out the Museum of Scotland and the Scottish National Museum. There, you will see relics and exhibits from Scotland’s past and present, including some of the crowns of Scottish royalty and ancient Roman artifacts.


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