Things to Do in London Exploring the Royal Life


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Every avid traveler knows well that London should be on his top priorities if ever he decides to take a trip to England. London plays host to a wide variety of activities and awe-inspiring sights. It is home to a puzzling blend of what’s historical and contemporary in Europe. It is an exemplary metropolitan area that boasts of its rich local mores spiced with the diversity and complexity of the international cultures that persistently plagues the place. In fact, locals and tourists alike treat London as a global center for fun, fashion, finance, businesses, trade and commerce. As such, this city is often regarded as the “capital” of the world.

An Ordinary day in London

An ordinary day in the life of a Londoner might be the one of the most exciting moments of a traveler’s journey. A bright sunny day is probably the best time to explore the city. If you are up for an extraordinary adventure, you can start with a morning jog at the Regent’s Park. This 410 acre-park is London’s biggest outdoor sports area. Its impressive collection of rose gardens is home to no less than 30,000 roses of 400 different kinds and varieties.

If you are tired and the jog left you with growling tummy and a big appetite, then you might as well head to the Capital Restaurant. The place is nestled at the center of the Knightsbridge in the Capital Hotel. Being one of the most luxurious tearooms in the entire city, Capital Restaurant boasts of a wide selection of delicious teas from all around the globe. Aside from the enticing teas, the place also offers high end cuisines of French and English delicacies.

After having a calming yet very sumptuous afternoon at the Capital Restaurant, you can head to St. James Park that’s settled at the heart of London. What makes this place quite splendid is the birdlife that abounds it. If you live in the metropolis, you might be delighted to see a 58-acre park that’s very much populated with pelicans, geese, swans, carrion crows, and gray wagtails. If you have scheduled your trip quite promptly, you might be able to witness the most popular ceremony in London – the Changing of the Guard.

Traveler’s Stop-over

A traveler’s journey to London would be fruitless if he fails to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral. The cathedral is the third biggest dome around the globe. When you reach the top, you will be able to get an incredible view of the entire city and that is enough to soothe your aching leg muscles. The place is quite popular primarily because it is where Lady Diana Spencer and Charles, Prince of Wales, exchanged their vows.

However, if you really want to get a taste of a real “royal” journey, then perhaps you should head towards Buckingham Palace. The popular majestic abode houses nineteen glorious staterooms. A trip inside will offer you with a view of the Queen’s collection of carriages and the Queen’s collection of China. You can also take a stroll around the Royal Mews.

Another spot that any London guest should not miss is the British Airways London Eye. The “eye” is the biggest observation wheel around the globe. Taking a 30-minute ride on it offers the tourist with a splendid view of the more than fifty top sights and attractions of the city.


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