Things to Do in Los Angeles: Where Entertainment is Ripe

Locals and tourist often regard Los Angeles as “America’s Dream factory.” Without a doubt, the features of the place prove that the city is worth the title. Life in the city is just like a dream, if not a movie. When you pay a visit to the place, you can not just rediscover the American life. Instead, you can reinvent a whole new you for the place is the heart of American trend, pop culture, and quintessential fashion. If you want to experience luxury and lavishness in its supreme form, then Los Angeles is indeed the destination for you.

Entertainment and Amusement “Kitchens”

Los Angeles abounds with spots that not just fill its guest with fun and delight. Rather, it is rich in places where amusement and entertainment – in the form of movies – is created. The city is home to the world’s top studios and it is a must that you take a tour of these places. The first of which is Glendale. The place offers tourist with various production studios and prop houses, the most notable of which are that of DreamWorks Animation and Nickelodeon.

After Glendale, you can head towards Burbank, another entertainment hub. It is home to Disney’s headquarters which lie along Olive Street with NBC’s West Coast Headquarters. From afar, you can quickly identify Snow white’s lair as you see the seven dwarfs “lifting” the roof of the popular animation studio. Unfortunately, there are no tours.

However, what’s good is that a nearby block offers you with another animation and movie studio that provides tours. This is the Warner Brothers Studio, which lies just a few meters away from the Griffith Park, the Griffith Observatory and the Gibson Amphitheater. If you can walk a little further, you can get to Ventura Boulevard. Many TV studios are nestled in the area – including the CBS studio center where dozens of comedy series are being taped. Just a few meters away however, you can get to another prime entertainment “kitchen” that offers tours – The Universal Studios.

Going Downtown

If the studios are not enough to fill your fantasies, then you should head for the Los Angeles Downtown. The place is quite popular primarily because it nestles the tallest building on the entire western coast – The Library Tower. The place also abounds with other spots that most appears on our TV sets and movie screens. It has the world-famous round glass tower of Bonaventure Hotel, the distinguished Arco towers, and the Wells Fargo Building.

Aside from the usual spots that will make you utter the “I’ve seen this before” exclamations, Los Angeles Downtown also offers other splendid structures that will make you “Wow!”. It has the Italianate Renaissance-style Biltmore Hotel, the Pershing Square, the Beaux Arts-style Central Library, and the Mission-style Union Station. The place is also home to the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Frank Gehry Walt Disney Symphony Hall.

If you get tired of walking and you just want to get a view from the top, then catch your ride at the Angel’s Flight cable cars. From atop, you can get a view of the massive finance metropolis that’s slowly changing into a residential spot of the rich and famous. Aside from the company buildings, you might also spot some bars and clubs where nightlife is vibrant.


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