Things to Do in Oxford A Sightseer’s Paradise

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Situated on both the Thames and Cherwell rivers, the town of Oxford is one of the oldest in England and is home to the world-famous Oxford university – England’s oldest English-speaking university. The town also is a top place for travelers and sightseers alike because of the incredible English architecture and Old-English charm. It is a quiet little town where you can find hundreds of years worth of history in everything you see, from the gothic looking buildings to the beautiful rolling hills surrounding you. Be sure to look up the history of Oxford and the stories behind all of its sights before you go, so you truly understand and appreciate the amazing things you will be seeing around the town.

Where to Stay in Oxford

After you arrive in Oxford, you will need a place to stay (if no previous plans have been made). The many hotels and hostels in Oxford are very nice places to stay in, but the ones in the center of town are quite expensive and are almost as high as London’s rate for hotel, which is more than most want to pay. One good place to stay while in Oxford is the YHA Hotel. There, you will find lovely rooms at a cheap rate – all with the English hospitality you would expect as well.

Where to Eat in Oxford

After or before you have a good nap on the bed of your hotel room, you should head out to dine out at one or more of the town’s great local restaurants and cafe’s. If you like to eat while listening to lively music, check out Georgina’s, on Avenue 2. They serve some great tasting foods and are one of the less costly restaurants in town, with a mug of tea under one Euro, you can’t go wrong. If you like Indian food, check out Jamal’s, on Walton Street. Not only you can enjoy good, Indian food there, you can bring your own drinks as well.

What to See and Do in Oxford

After or before a nice lunch or dinner at one of the town’s restaurants, check out some of the places of interest, in the town. One place to check out is the Radcliffe Camera, a place where Oxford University students go to read and study. The place is off limits to the public, but its grand exterior is something worth seeing. If you are a lover of nature, you should go to the local parks and gardens in the town. One of the places is the Oxford University Parks, near Parks Road. If you are an nightly person, check out the many pubs, taverns and clubs, after or before, or while you are having your evening supper. The Turf Tavern, at Bath Place, is one of the best taverns in the town and has an array of beers and wines.


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