Things to Do on a Cruise Ship

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When you’ve chosen a cruise for your vacation, you’ve also chosen the opportunity for endless fun onboard the ship! There are so many activities to enjoy as you sail the high seas – you can be as active as you’d like or laze the day away in the sunshine.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular things to do on a cruise ship but keep in mind that all activities may not be available on all ships. Do your research and match a ship to your activity needs.

Never-ending sporting activities are available onboard a cruise ship like swimming, basketball, pool volleyball, mini-golf or a golf simulator, bowling, or jumping on a bungee trampoline. For a little less activity, you can play shuffleboard, bocce, croquet, ping pong, or an outdoor game of chess with giant game pieces.

A cruise ship also offers opportunities to explore activities that you may not have tried before including rock climbing, taking an introductory scuba diving or snorkeling lesson, riding a wave simulator, or even going ice skating.

Enjoying a tropical drink and relaxing in the whirlpool or suntanning by the pool are both popular activities as is walking along the promenade deck. You can explore the ship on a self-guided tour and then sip a latte at the internet café while emailing home.

It’s easy to maintain your own personal workout routine at the ship’s fitness center plus you can attend a sunrise yoga or aerobics class. On the flip side, there are plenty of relaxing opportunities to read a book, take an afternoon nap, or write out postcards to those back home.

If you’re not sure what to do, read the cruise ship’s daily newsletter for timed events like playing bingo or trivia games, or finding out what time the game starts at the sports bar. While the guys watch the game, it’s a great time to slip away and enjoy services at the salon or spa, shop at the onboard boutiques, or arrange for a romantic dinner for two in your cabin as complimentary 24-room service is also included.

Opportunities to enjoy the ship’s cuisine are also endless. You can have a three course meal in the dining room or go casual at the buffet restaurant. Plus you can eat at an Italian pizzeria, enjoy Asian cuisine or even ice cream, indulge at a caviar bar, midnight buffet, or pay a small fee to eat at the ship’s five star premium restaurant.

Entertainment onboard a cruise ship includes nightly shows, movies, karaoke, gambling, nightclubs, discos, wine tasting, and themed parties including the Sailaway and Captain’s Welcome Reception.

There are also educational opportunities onboard a ship where you can watch an ice carving or glass blowing demonstration, attend an informative talk, art auction, or a hands on arts and craft session. You can also sign up for a galley or bridge tour, take unlimited photographs or make your own video diary of the ship. You can visit the ship’s library for a great read or attend a service at the onboard Chapel.

There are tons of children’s activities on a cruise ship like all-day camps that include crafts, treasure hunts, educational activities, gaming arcade, computers/internet, plus kid-themed parties.

Whatever you choose to do onboard a cruise ship, one thing’s for sure – you can do as little or as much as you want – the choice is yours. Bon Voyage!


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