Things to Do When Traveling To South Dakota

When people talk about traveling to South Dakota, by far the most talked about and visited attraction is the beautiful and historic Mount Rushmore. Whether admiring the Mount Rushmore monument from a historical perspective, an art perspective, or even an accomplishment perspective, there is no debating how important and inspiring this historic site is. Many people don’t know that there is much more to South Dakota than Mount Rushmore. From historical and cultural attractions to outdoor recreational sites, South Dakota has more than enough to entertain the pickiest of travelers. Here are five things you must do when traveling to South Dakota.

1. Custer State Park – With over 70,000 acres to explore, Custer State Park is one of the highlights of the Black Hills area of South Dakota. Well over 1,000 head of buffalo still roam the gentle hills of Custer State Park and there are a great deal of other wildlife to view too, including elk, mountain goats, burros, and more. Some of the highlights of a visit to Custer State park include driving down the Needles Highway, attending the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup, go kayaking, climb aboard for a safari jeep tour, and of course go fishing.

2. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – Whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast yourself, a fan of the biker culture, or just want to participate in some of the best people watching around, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally may be just for you. With many special events highlight every day of this week-long event, there is more than enough to entertain almost anyone. Sturgis has been hosting this rally since 1938, so they know exactly what they are doing and are good at providing some of the best motorcycle related events and attractions that the world has ever seen.

3. Deadwood, South Dakota – Deadwood is one of the most famous old west towns that the nation has to offer. The town’s heyday was back in the late 1800’s when the west was a wild place to be. Deadwood today is home to a large number of gambling establishments and is a great place to head to for anyone looking for old west and gambling attractions.

4. Black Hills Caves – Anyone interested in viewing and experiencing some of the most fascinating rock formations any where will be more than satisfied with a trip to the Black Hills Caves. With eight caves that are accessible to the public, the Black Hill Caves are a great hands on natural attraction that the entire family will enjoy.

5. George S. Mickelson Trail – Stretching over 110 miles in length, the George S. Mickelson Trail covers the entire length of the Black Hills. The hiking difficulty is mostly rather easy as the trail follows the former route of a now-abandoned railroad track. The trail passes through both private land as well as National Forest land. The Mickelson Trail is popular with hikers and mountain bikers alike.

When it comes to wide open spaces and friendly people, few places in the United States of America can match all that South Dakota has to offer. South Dakota does not always rank at the top of many people’s vacation wishlist, but in fact it should. There are more things to do in South Dakota than most people realize, and it is just for that reason that it is as enjoyable as it is. With few people choosing to go there, there are less crowds and it is easier to reserve the best locations for yourself. South Dakota can make sure your vacation is packed from start to finish with both exciting and relaxing things to do. The vacation you want is indeed available within the borders of the state of South Dakota.


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