Things to Do When Traveling To Southern California

There are very few vacation destinations as famous as Southern California. Many of the most desired tourist attractions that everyone wants to go to are located in beautiful Southern California. The Southern California area is a popular destination for two reasons, first all of the great things to do there and second because of the incredibly nice weather that is present nearly year round. Southern California offers a wide array of attractions, some are centered in high population areas and there are also many worthwhile attractions centered in more remote locations.

Here are five things you must do when traveling to Southern California:

1. The Hollywood Walk Of Fame – Everyone has seen footage of an actor or other celebrity personality receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it takes walking among the stars to truly get a grasp on exactly how many important entertainers there have been. A fun time for adults and kids alike as there is a great opportunity people watch, hunt for favorite stars, and shop along the popular Walk of Fame.

2. USS Midway – A great place for older children and adults alike, much can be learned aboard the world famous USS Midway which sits docked in San Diego, California. Visitors to the USS Midway are treated to an opportunity to set foot on and explore an actual World War II aircraft carrier. This is something that should definitely not be passed up, truly a once in a lifetime experience.

3. Scorpion Submarine – Many military attractions bill themselves as a once in a lifetime opportunity, and most of them are just that, but here is something truly special. The Scorpion Submarine is a decommissioned Soviet submarine straight out of the Cold War. It is now moored in Long Beach, California and is a floating military museum. Any history buff would have the time of their life exploring an actual Russian submarine.

4. Griffith Park – Located in Los Angeles, Griffith Park is one of the largest urban city parks. The entire park hosts a number of first class and popular attractions like a history museum, the Griffith Observatory, paths and walkways, a theater, and much more. There is a great deal of space so that no one feels crammed together to close to as the park itself is over 4,000 acres in size.

5. Balboa Park – One of the most beautiful spots in all of San Diego, Balboa Park is one of the most popular urban parks in the entire United States of America. The park is home to a botanical garden, sports complex, museum, theater, golf course, and a playground. But, Balboa Park’s most famous attraction is the world famous San Diego Zoo. Balboa Park in beautiful San Diego definitely offers something for everyone in the entire family.

Anyone who visits Southern California will find themselves inundated with the incredible amount of attractions and things to do. It would be very hard for someone to travel to beautiful Southern California and find themselves bored or unsatisfied when it comes to what is available to keep them occupied. Being entertained in Southern California is something that can be achieved without hardly even trying. Southern California is one of the most popular tourist destinations for a reason, it delivers on its promise to provide something for everybody.


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