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Things to Remember before Submitting Your Work to a Press release Site

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 07/23/2010
  • Article Writing

When writing press releases there are a few things you have to keep in mind so that what you write won’t be wasted. The first one: don’t just write about whatever interests you. Although you find something interesting it doesn’t necessarily mean that others will too. Before you even start, try thinking about what your prospective readers will find interesting, or at least something that they will care about enough to glance at. Remember that there are numerous other companies out there that are doing the same thing as you, so you must do your best to make yours more appealing than the others. Once you’ve finished writing an ad then you should think about how to get it out there. If you are interested in going with a paid press release site or one of the popular free ones, be sure that you have a good quality articles. Simply submitting one that promotes your product or company is not enough. Pick a topic that is relevant to their client base.

A professional press release site usually has a team of individuals who sift through a mountain of submissions and pick out the good ones and throw out the bad. Media outlets are aware of this fact, so when they know that when it has already been reviewed and passed quality inspection they will have no hesitation to pick it up

. So try your best to at least pass the inspection done by the team in the service you’re using. Writing one is very different from other forms of marketing or advertising. In a written ad, you are announcing the onset of a specific event. In most cases you will be announcing that your company is now open for business, or if you have partnered with another company, etc. Another thing that is different about one is that it is always written in the third person perspective. It should resemble a news article in a real newspaper. If you write about an event, then it should generate curiosity from your readers. If you yourself would judge your write-up unbiased, will it be enough to be called newsworthy? In order o gain publicity you should always prepare. If you want to create a good, no great ad then you should plan ahead and think of a good story, when did this story happen, and who are involved. Think if your story can actually be beneficial to people. Think about all of these things before you submit an ad. The main reason why you’re writing one in the first place is to generate internet traffic going to your website. This is the reason why your press release should not only be informative; it should also make people recommend it to others. In conclusion, if your press release is a good one then you will be getting the amount of publicity that you’ve always wanted.



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