Think Twice; Colon Detoxification for Children


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Child and Teen Health
Published on 02-06-2009

Colon detoxification is popular among adults who want to lose weight or health conscious individuals looking to clean out their colon for improved overall health. When people eat too many nutritionally poor foods, their colon can begin to have difficulty aiding the body in ridding a person of harmful waste products. The excess waste in the colon can lead to just about any illness or disease over the long run.

Some parents might even consider colon detoxification for children. There are many detoxification products offering liquid versions for children. Some formulas have even been created by doctors. Even so, it is not highly recommended to use detoxification especially for small children. The herbs used can be harsh on a child’s developing digestive system and colon.

Most detoxification plans require you to remove specific proteins from your diet for the duration of the diet. Most proteins should never be eliminated from a child’s diet. You can do a partial detoxification for your child and the entire family by eating a healthy diet. One thing you will want to do is serve more fruits and vegetable to your family.

There are some foods that you should limit your children to only eating on occasion to avoid the buildup of unhealthy waste in their colon. Do not allow your child to eat foods high in sugar. Avoid giving your child much (if any) candy. Even if your children are older, limit the amount of caffeinated beverages they are allowed to eat. Prepare meals for your family that do not require much meet (especially beef) and products high in fat and cholesterol.

Avoid eating out too often. Colon detoxification for children might not be advisable in the sense of using products to cleanse their system. However, you can help your child to avoid eating too many foods that will lead to problems with colon health. Avoid eating out at fast food restaurants. Do not serve too many foods that are highly processed or that are heated in the microwave.

If you are looking for a way to do a full colon detoxification for children, you should give it careful thought. Detoxification products are not properly regulated. You cannot be assured that the herbs and other ingredients would not be harmful to your child. Most pediatricians will not recommend use of detoxification products. If you are worried that your child needs colon detoxification for their health, talk to their doctor. The doctor can provide advice on a healthy diet or refer you and your child to a dietician. This will be the safest approach for overall colon health.

Some people use colon detoxification as a way to attempt to lose weight. Your teenager might express interest in using a product if they are worried that they are overweight. Explain the risks of using detoxification products with your teenager. Help your child to adapt their diet and lifestyle for a healthy life. Even teenagers should use detoxification products with caution.


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