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This royal couple fanatical business

  • By beautydress tarrant
  • Published 05/10/2011
  • Fiction

Bride: Sophie rhys jonesGroom: British Prince Prince edwardWedding Date: June 19, 1999Wedding Location: LondonWedding Comments: No Diana, luxury and exquisite Cocktail Dresses, Sophie opted for a simple medieval style wedding dress, wedding dress like a flower blooming calla lily, calla lily shape with cuffs, hands bouquet to co-ordinate with each other.Marital Status: married into the royal family since 1999, Sophie not to worry the Queen’s daughter. This royal couple fanatical business, but they did not dream of getting rich by doing business made??, but also a butt back debt.

Fairy tale plot: Edward is the youngest son of the Queen, Princess Sophie married into the

royal family before her, some people have about her nude, of which 12 years ago and a radio host in the car the most sensational pictures of flirting, picture Sufi was lifted coat to reveal the chest. The matter almost came to her and Edward’s marriage complications, but in the end she received the Queen’s pardon, and Prince Edward married well.And Prince Edward married Sophie young beautiful and exactly like their image of Diana, the British royal family after Diana become the representative of the new generation, it was predicted that she will be the second Princess Diana. However, that is, who are generally optimistic about the royal family and the public last week, Princess Sophie, but fell into a trap set tabloid reporter Qiao Popular Flower Girl Dresses



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