Three Caribbean Destinations With Unusual Snorkeling


Authored by Rachel Cannon Humiston in Caribbean
Published on 07-19-2009

Snorkeling is a favorite activity among Caribbean travelers. While destinations all over the world offer exceptional snorkeling, the Caribbean boasts shipwrecks, sea turtles, stingrays, barracuda, and even sharks. If you are looking for a way to enjoy the underwater life, try these exciting snorkeling destinations with a little something extra to offer.

Cayman Islands – Stingray City

A British-owned island, Cayman Islands are known for their interesting snorkel excursions. It boasts Stingray City, a sandbar in the ocean where guests can swim (or stand) with stingrays. Since the water is only about 3 feet deep, this is a family friendly attraction. Though stingrays can be harmful with their stingers, these are docile and snorkelers can touch and hold them, if they are willing to stay put for more than a few seconds. The next time you’re in Cayman Islands, be sure to book a local boat tour to Stingray City.

Barbados – Swim with the Sea Turtles

On the gorgeous island of Barbados, one of the most prominent local marine life is the sea turtle. Traveling in packs and staying near shore, guests can get up close to the turtles.
Another docile sea creature, these turtles are friendly and guests should not be weary of swimming with them, but should respect them. One of Barbados’ most prized attractions, Barbadians have even begun The Barbados Sea Turtle Project, a non-profit conservation organization to preserve this local species. Their outreach programs include educating the local community about sustainability and biology of sea turtles.

Bahamas, Atlantis Resort – Choose Your Own Snorkel Adventure

At this 5-star vacation destination, guests can pick their snorkel adventure without ever leaving Atlantis. From stingrays to barracuda to giant grouper to sharks, Atlantis boasts many snorkeling options, some without even entering the water. At the Mayan Temple Lagoon, guests of the Atlantis can water slide through an enclosed shark tank. At predator lagoon, walk through shark-infested waters in a glass tunnel. Guests can also touch and feed sea turtles at the Hibiscus Lagoon or head to Ruins Lagoon for real underwater snorkeling where guests get up close and personal with manta rays and spiny lobsters.

Regardless of which Caribbean destination you choose, snorkeling is a must. While a Caribbean vacation can be spent relaxing on the beach, you can certainly bring some adventure to your travels with any of the above snorkel destinations, from stingrays to sea turtles to sharks. Just be sure to book a local tour to any of the above excursions. Swim, relax, and enjoy!


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