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Three Critical Procedures For Detecting And Eradicating Colon Cancer

  • By Sussex gastro
  • Published 09/18/2012
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In past few years, there found tremendous rise in the number of people suffering from colon cancer which direct result of growth of malignant tissues in the body. This colon cancer is more commonly referred to as rectal, colorectal or as bowel cancer. As the direct impact of colon cancer is on the digestive system of the patients and therefore is considered as quite dreadful even by the doctors. In this, a malignant tumor is formed from the inner wall of the large intestine which breaks down into tissues and by spreading rapidly can affect the other body parts within small duration of time. Hence it is always prudent to opt for treatments against colon cancer. The treatment over this syndrome involves several preliminary tests for accurate diagnose the colon cancer.

Colon Cancer Screening which is more commonly known as Bowel Cancer Screening is one of the commonly preferred test employed by many gastroenterology specialist in order to detect the disease like colon cancer. As colorectal cancer frequently arises from non-cancerous tumors in the colon called polyps which over a period of years turn cancerous, therefore early

detection and removal of polyps can avoid cancer developing. Bowel Cancer Screening helps in investigating the symptoms and therefore shown to reduce mortality from colon cancer by

  • Detecting cancer in its early stages, before it start spreading to other organs and
  • Reducing the risk of cancer developing by detecting and eradicating polyps

Gastroscopy Procedure is another most preferred test performed by using a gastroscope – a flexible telescopic camera which is swallowed and passed down to oesophagus into patient’s stomach. Besides investigating symptoms of diagnosis and removal of stomach polyps, gastroscopy procedure is often useful in diagnosing and treating other problems- abdominal pain, bleeding from the digestive tract, chronic heartburn and indigestion, etc. Nowadays, Wireless Capsule Endoscopy is another method which is playing critical role in diagnosing the exact cause of disease and is commonly preferred by many doctor.

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