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Three gorgeous choices for you in 2010 autumn and winter

  • By Dallas Austin
  • Published 01/26/2011
  • Article Writing

As  the weather is getting colder and colder,the overcoat and woolen  sweater start to get back on stage and win popularity again. Faced with  the frigid weather, ladies are forced to hide their body curves behind  the loose clothes and the fancy and gaudy jewelry is nowhere to be shown  off. As a result, how to select jewelry to go with your clothes becomes  women’s greatest concern.   In  summer, beauty is enthusiastically expressed in a frank and simple way.  However, in autumn and winter, we convey our glamour in a more implicit  and contained manner, that’s to say, massive shiny and bright colour  and glittering accessories are no longer appreciated.  Fashion in winter and autumn is always under the reign of earth tone  and nude color, such as black, white, grey and dark plain colors. If you  find it dull, you have to choose a jewel to light up your dress and  make you stand out from the crowd. There is a key point for your  reference: complex design and novel shape. Now all the top-class designers are ready to please you in a brand new way.   Lanvin crystal deer head necklace       Feature:Nude and dark color with complex design Target group:office lady and mature women                       Lanvin’s  jewelry always impresses people with its massive metallic texture and  overstated design. In the above picture, the deer head is decorated by a  piece of large sublime Swarovski crystal which renders a exotic and  elegant appeal. If you don’t know all you need is a simple pure color  dress to go with it. If  you choose not to use too complicated and mature design to match your  clothes, that’s OK, I believe another solution will please you as well.   Marni Swarovski crystal earring with silk ball-flower.   Feature:Dark color with lovable ornament   Target group: Juvenile and trend-setter     Obviously, the butterfly bow and ball-flower successfully just create an fairytale ambience in a concise and more simpler way , illuminating your cold and sullen winter with lively, bright beautiful yellow and a childish and optimistic air.   Walking by a display window of a fashion shop, you will find that leather、fur、metal  are three basic elements for this two seasons. But these material tends  to be cool and tranquil colors. In this case, a interest addition of  trinket with warm and vivid tone is highly recommended. Guess what? Now It’s the turn of color stone to be the leading role!   Isabel Marant bracelet   Feature:Warm and vivid color tone with color stones Target group: all women who is passionate about fashion.             Isabel  Marant’s bracelet is inlaid with big color stone, which is a typical  bohemian style—-a mosaic of warm and bright colors. No matter how you  wear it, the bracelet is sure toembellish your clothes and create a  perfect chromatic contrast.



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