Three Great Weight Loss Vitamins


Authored by Rodney Southern in Weight Issues 
Published on 12-03-2008

Weight loss vitamins have long been controversial in nature due to “the magic pill” concern. Many people who are trying to lose weight tend to search for that next miracle cure. No pill, supplement, or single thing to eat will ever give you long lasting, healthy weight loss. That is the first thing that you should remember when considering weight loss vitamins. Given that common sense, there are some vitamins that can be beneficial in your quest to lose weight. One should always consult a physician before they start a vitamin regimen. Here is a general overview of the three best ones.

The Entire Series of B Vitamins

The B Vitamins are absolutely essential where weight loss is concerned because they our sources of fuel. The B vitamins are also easy to be short of. Otherwise known as the “stress vitamins”, the B vitamins each have a very important weight loss connection. Vitamins B3 and B6 help us in our quest to fuel up our cells. This burns energy, which in turn burns weight. It also can have profound effects on your pancreatic enzymes to help with food digestion. This will lead to better food processing, which is also beneficial to weight loss.

Each of the B vitamins have a vital role in the burning of fat, either directly or indirectly. Taking a B supplement is something that would benefit most people that are looking to lose weight.


Appetites are the driving force that can cause us to fluctuate in weight. Zinc is directly related to appetite due to the reaction it can have on our taste and smell when we are short of this vital ingredient. If food does not taste good or smells bad, we are inclined to go after stronger tastes and smells. This will lead us to sugar, starches, and more salt in our foods. Zinc also works in concert with other vitamins to affect our thyroid production.


Chromium has long been related to weight loss and for good reason. You must have chromium to effectively process sugar. When there is a deficiency of chromium, your insulin is not going to be able to control your blood sugar. This leads to more fat gain in many individuals. Chromium also helps with your lipids, and levels of fat in the blood.

Each vitamin that affects the way that our body works is vital to our well being. Finding those vitamins that we are short of can be a daunting task as the signals can be quite sneaky. If you suspect that you are short of any of the vitamins above, you should consult with a physician and see about some supplements. Most doctors are quite aware of the weight loss vitamins that are on the market. They can surely point you in the right direction and get you on the supplements necessary. Our body sometimes needs a hand in working optimally, and weight loss vitamins can certainly help out.


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