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Three Reasons To Submit Articles To Directories

  • By Jimmy Cox
  • Published 11/25/2010
  • Article Writing

Do you wonder why many internet marketers submit articles to directories? What value is there in it for you? There are a lot of different advantages pointed out by many experts. There are really only three top reasons though why you should consider adopting this strategy for your online ventures. #1- You can attract human visitors and add value to their lives. Directories specifically intended for content submissions are excellent places to draw interested people to your site. People who come across your written materials may find them so helpful and useful that they may be encouraged to find out more about you and your services. This is a good way to find people who might genuinely need your service or product. Of course, there’s also the benefit of getting to help people. When you submit your article to a directory you are providing one more piece of content that might just help someone out. As long as you write about very useful insights, tips and advice, you will be able to make a difference in someone’s life. This should really be enough of a reason to continue whipping up great content. #2- You get the chance to increase your authority and reputation.

Branding is one aspect of marketing that you can easily tackle through written content submissions. Every time you put out materials you’ve written with your name attached to them, you get the chance to build your authority and reputation. You will b

e labeled an expert by more people the more you create excellent content. This can only really mean good news for you. Once you submit articles and get tagged as an expert by the people in your niche, you will be able to develop a loyal following. People will start to flock to you for information or solutions. In other words, people will trust you when you recommend something in relation to your niche or market. #3- Resource boxes can link back to your site. From an SEO point of view, submissions are great because you get to build back links. These are important for the growth of any website. With quality back links pointing to your site, search engine robots will see your site as relevant to its topic or niche. Hence, the appropriate use and placement of links in submitted content can increase the chances of your site appearing in search engine page results.

Take note though that in many high reputation directories, adding links is highly regulated. The best directories only allow one or two relevant links to good reputation sites in a resource box. Break this rule and you run the risk of getting your content or even your account flagged. You should therefore take some time to read link policies and abide by them to the letter before you start submitting. There really is good reason for you to submit articles to top directories. Aside from the advantages to you, you also get to provide the best value to readers. Just remember that to succeed with this strategy, you need to work hard towards creating good, useful and high quality content.



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