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Tiger woodsbest partner of tag heuer link collection

  • By Pam Green
  • Published 11/10/2010
  • Non-Fiction

Tiger Woods, considered the world’ s greatest golfer, has obtained many achievements in his  career. As a professional player, he created constantly large numbers  of records in history in various tournaments, such as the Masters, US  Open, PGA Championship, and British Open, etc. This year as young as 28 years old,  Tiger has not only been extremely crazy about golf but also regarded it  as his life. As it were, he is more a great sportsman than an  outstanding golfer. Tag Heuer, which is skillful in manufacturing  professional sports watches, has made an unprecedented sales record with  as many as 1.5 million Tag Heuer Link Collection sold up to now.Tiger Woods and Tag Heuer, which seem uncorrelated  joined together this year for Tiger was invited as its spokesperson.  Their bond, a result of the equally important status of both Tiger and  Tag Link, can be rated as a grand event in the sports and watch circles,  accurately explaining the sports’ values and essentials to human  beings.

The Link Collection made its f

irst appearance in 1999,  combining sports spirits and stouthearted line. And its total design is  filled with fashion sense as well as vitality. It was once the favourite  chronograph of Adam – a top rallyist known for its unique s – type  strap which blends flow into its concise line. And the brand new Link  Collection designed especially for golf and Tiger mixes neoteric model  and sophisticated technology as well as fuses elegance and sport  philosophy.

On the whole, the newly – designed Link Collection is  elegant and fluent. Its strap presents a smooth and flawless outline.  Though compared with the old collection, it has a smaller watchcase, but  its dial, divided into two sections, including the solar reflective  area and snailed area, is still legible. The timescale, basically,  adopts slender – type and inequilateral form, and each quarter positions  are thick and with fluorescence effect. All in all, the dial, seen  through the crystal mirror, is fairly sightly. The date window is placed  at the three o’ clock position as usual, and the self – colored brand sign makes the watch simple in general.


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