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Tile Cleaning The Right Way

There are many who are not aware of the right procedure of cleaning tiles.  As a result of which, they end up following the wrong one which damages the tile surface. If this is your case, you should know about the proper way of cleaning tile.

Below given are the instructions regarding what to do and what to not while cleaning tile:

·         The use of ammonia-based cleaners and bleach is a strict no-no for tile cleaning. They tarnish the grout lines. Instead, use a mild cleaner specially meant for cleaning tile.

·         Avoid using harsh scrubbing powder and other scrubbing materials. The nice finish of your tile will get damaged due to these. Use a soft cotton cloth instead.

·         Wipe the stains on tile quickly before they sit hard as this will lead to discoloration.


It is important to use hard surface protection so as to prevent damages to tile due to chips and cracks. You can use furniture protective coatings on the bottom portion of table and chair legs. This will protect the tile surface while moving the furniture.

·         Irregular cleaning of tile causes tile damage and discoloration. Tiles become more prone to scratches and cracks. Dirt and dust are the biggest enemies of tiles. That is why daily sweeping is essential. Thorough mopping once in a week will keep your tiles in great condition. 

·         Tile surface protection is necessary. How can you do that? Caulking and sealing ensures proper surface protection of your tiles. Caulking makes sure that the tile surface is not exposed to moisture and sealing will provide protection fro damages and stains.  Go through the manufacturer’s instructions booklet to find out the right sealer for your tile.

·         Glazed tiles are slippery and using tile cleaners that are oil-based is dangerous. Accidents may happen any time if you commit this big mistake.

·         Put door mats inside and outside of your rooms to keep your floor tiles clean.

 So, you can follow these tips while tile cleaning.

Timothy James is a proficient writer who has proven his expertise in writing contents on various floor and surface protection materials. If you wish to know more about him and his writings, you can visit http://www.paisleypro.com.

Regular tile cleaning is very important to keep your tile to retain its appearance and functionality and doing it in the right way will ensure that your tile looks and functions great.  


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