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Tips and precautions for watch maintenance

  • By adVFDV jackAVVG
  • Published 06/14/2011
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Tips and Precautions for Watch Maintenance: ⑴ The perspiration on your wrist is corrosive and may corrode your watch case during long time contact, so it would be our sincere advise to wipe off the perspiration on your watch with soft cloth or wear your watch with a plastic watch support in preventing it from corrosion. ⑵ Pls don’t open the back cover of your watch on your own to prevent the dust from coming into the watch movement which might affect the normal function of your watch. ⑶ Pls don’t put your watch in a closet with camphor balls to prevent the watch oil from deterioration. ⑷ Pls don’t put your watch on surface of speaker amplifier, sounder, or television etc. to prevent it from being magnetized. ⑸ Pls wind up your watch on a monthly basis if you don’t use it for a long time period to prevent it from staying in static condition and ensure the running performance of your watch. ⑹ For a conventionally mechanical watch, if it is affected with damp, it is suggested to apply dry cotton on the watch and dry it with a 40-watt light bulb for 5min to vaporize the damp inside the watch. ⑺ It is suggested not to wear a same watch everyday to prevent the dust or body dirt from over-accumulating on the same watch, so pls prepare for yourself several watches with different styles as they are pluses to your charming. ⑻ For a luminous watch, it would bring bad effect on your health as the luminescence materials pasted on the watch are layser mixtures which are harmful to human beings, so it was suggested to take off your luminous watch and put it on the table before sleeping. ⑼ Watch Crystal Reconditioning In case your watch crystal is covered with scratches, pls apply one or two water drops to the watch crystal and then wipe them with toothpaste so your watch crystal would look brand-new. User Manual: 1. Illustration to Set Conventional Quartz or Mechanical Watches Position A: normal operational position for a quartz watch or winding up/normal operational position for a mechanical watch; Positon B: time setting positon for a no-calendar watch or quick calendar and week setting position for a date/day-date watch, as for latter, quick clockwise rotation for week setting and anti-clockwise rotation for date setting; Position C: time setting and slow week and date setting position for a calendar watch 2. Illustration to Set Auto-chronograph Watches The big second hand of an auto-chronograph watch is the time hand. Pls press the timing button to start timing and re-press it when the timing is done. The spinner button is used for return-to-zero. Pull the watch head to Position C and adjust the spinner button to return-to-zero. 3. Illustration to Set Screw-head Watch ⑴ Pls totally unscrew the thin wheel according to the anti-clockwise direction ⑵ Wind up the watch according to the clockwise direction before long-time non-operation of the watch ⑶ Pull the thin wheel to Position B and rotate the wheel to adjust the calendar ⑷ Further pull the thin wheel to Position C for time synchronization.


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