Tips for a Greyhound Bus Trip

Some people cringe when they think about traveling, but there are tips for Greyhound bus trip that make life easier. This guide will offer information on what to do before you go to increase your chances of a problem-free trip and things to do while on the bus to decrease any discomfort or boredom. A Greyhound bus trip can be long, but the economic benefits and getting to actually see the country are great benefits to consider.

One of the best tips for Greyhound bus trip is to plan as far ahead as you can before you go. The best rates come at least seven days before your departure date. There are also many specials that have a limited time offer, but can be used for future trips.

Before leaving for the bus station, make sure you have a photo ID. Greyhound stations require you show acceptable identification before they will let you on a bus. This was enacted after September 11, 2001 in an effort to increase travel safety after the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center.

Pack light and strongly consider keeping your luggage with you. Things do get stolen and damaged, and Greyhound has improved over the years but is still not known for its security. You should also refrain from wearing expensive jewelry, shoes, or clothing. You might even want to dress very casually, especially if you are a lone female traveler. This detracts any unwanted attention from would-be suitors or even robbers.

Bringing food and water with you is one of the most important tips for Greyhound bus trip, especially if you are traveling a long distance. The bus does stop frequently but sometimes the stopovers are short and good food and drinks are not widely available. Consider items that are easy to carry and not greatly perishable such as bottled water, sealed juice bottles, string cheese, crackers, peanuts, beef jerky, and candy.

When you get to the Greyhound station, listen very carefully for loudspeaker instructions regarding your trip. If you have hearing issues, do not hesitate to sit close to the door and also to ask customer service representatives or professional-looking travelers what is being said. Most travelers are helpful, but of course be wary of talking to sketchy-looking people. One of the unfortunate realities of affordable travel is there are some not-so-lovely characters in the bus stations and on the buses.

Once on board, read a book or listen to a Walkman or Discman. It is probably not a great idea to whip out your laptop or iPod, because there have been cases of people being robbed or mugged after leaving a Greyhound bus. Use common sense without being paranoid.

Do not expect to arrive at your destination right on schedule. One of the unfortunate realities of Greyhound bus travel is that stopovers always take longer than expected when it is not convenient, especially when other passengers are being picked up. If you do not have a ride once you arrive, there are usually many taxi cabs available to provide you safe transportation.


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