Tips For A Healthier Digestive System

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There are many different factors that can throw your digestive system for a loop. The office and all the stress that comes from twelve hour days, the weekend partying with your friends, and even the much needed vacation or certain medications can all cause digestive distress. Knowing what factors can disturb the digestive system are great, but knowing how to keep it healthy on a daily basis is even better. When your digestive system goes south it can really throw a person off, causing one to feel tired and bloated. It is important to keep the digestive system healthy. The following article is set up to help you do just that.

We will start with some foods that will help lead to a healthier digestive system. Potatoes are a good source of fiber and an easy way to aid your digestive system. You can use them as a side dish or as a snack, but try and keep the skin on to get the most fiber and nutrition. Beets are great too especially for those who are constipated, as they have a lot of fiber and other valuable nutrients. Avocados are packed with healthy fat and nutrients to lead to a better moving you. Oats are loaded with fiber and make for a great breakfast or a quick snack or snack topper (yogurt). Most fruits and vegetables will help to keep your digestive system running smooth as well. They keep you healthier as they are loaded with vitamins.

Besides what you eat, how you eat may affect your digestive system as well. Eating three meals a day may be the textbook way of eating that we have all learned, but in fact simply eating five smaller meals a day is the way to go. Eating small meals every few hours will allow the body to constantly digest and keep you feeling good.

Another way to keep your digestive system moving is to keep moving yourself. Exercise is another way to maintain a healthy digestive system. By strengthening the muscles in the abdomen, your digestive system will be more efficient. Also keeping fit will help you to decrease that sluggish feeling that can come from a poor digestive system.

Reducing your stress levels is another way to help your digestive system. Again exercise will come into play as it greatly reduces stress. Also take time outs through the day or allow yourself some alone time. If feasible, try and get a massage or a day at a spa once in a while as well. Anything that can reduce your stress will help you. It can just be spending some alone time with the family if that is what relaxes you.

As if you needed another reason to quit smoking, researchers have recently learned that smoking can have a great negative effect on your digestive system. So pay attention to all the commercials that are made to scare cigarettes from our mouths and you may be having an easier time processing your food as well.

It is really not too hard to have a healthier digestive system, but it does take a little discipline.


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