Tips for a Teaching Job Interview

Applicants for teaching positions should be ready to reflect their intelligence, confidence and creativity. Potential teachers need to demonstrate that they are responsible, have a good work ethic and will be able to work well with other staff as well as parents. There are a few things that anyone who is interviewing for a teaching job should keep in mind before and during their interview.

After learning you have an interview for a teaching job, you should start to do your homework. If you are not familiar with the school and/or the school district, you need to learn all that you can before your interview. You should know how many students attend the school as well as the number of faculty. Search for details on how well the school or school district performs on standardized testing. Visit the school’s website to discover any other pertinent information that is easy to access.

If you are not familiar with the school, take a test drive to the building a day or two before your interview. Locate the entrance you will use to enter the office. Find the administrative office building if this is the location for your interview. Even if you know the location of the school, leave a few minutes early the day of your interview to ensure that you are on time.

Prepare or update your portfolio before your interview. Take a professional portfolio with you to your interview. Your portfolio should include extra copies of your resumes, reference information and letters of recommendation. The portfolio should also include examples of lesson plans you have used in the past or sample plans you create for the interview. Pictures, videos or a journal of projects from classes you have taught in the past can also be included. If you have just graduated from college, you can include examples from your teaching courses and student teaching assignments.

Ponder the possible questions that you might be asked during an interview. Write down the questions that you believe will be the top questions you need to answer. Think of your answers to these questions. Ask a friend or family member to go through a mock interview with you.

Do not be shy in the interview. Show that you are confident in your ability (without being too confident). Identify your positive qualities and skills during the interview process. Highlight the reasons the school would benefit by hiring you as a teacher.

Show your enthusiasm for teaching. Do not make this a boring interview. Be an active participant in the interview process rather than just answering questions and nervously muddling your way through the interview. Ask the person or people interviewing you questions of your own to show you are interested in the students and the school for which you will be employed.

Ask if you can have a tour of the school or see one of the classrooms. This will show the principal and anyone else interviewing you, that you are truly interested in the job. Relax and do not be disappointed if you are not offered the first position for which you interview. Teaching jobs are often highly competitive.


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