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Tips for buying diamonds on the internet

  • By Jackie Louis
  • Published 02/21/2011
  • Satire

As Internet develops so fast in the modern world, people can make use of it to fulfill much daily work. For example, more and more people start to buy items by Internet. Nowadays, people in cities live a fast-paced life and they spend most of time working to earn money. Therefore, busy people can just purchase various products through Internet including precious items, for example, diamond. It’s well known that if we buy things in real shops, we can see them by ourselves. However, if we purchase items by Internet, we could just see the pictures. In other words, we take a risk to buy things through Internet and we can be cheated by some bad sellers. So what should we do when we purchase products via Internet? Here we take diamond buying as an example. First, when buying diamond, we have to obtain some knowledge of it. The quality of diamond is assessed according to the standard of 4C. As we intend to buy diamond, we should ask the seller for details as many as possible. If he can not give us perfect answers, we’d better find another seller.  Second, we ought to select those sellers with great reputation. If a seller doesn’t have a good credit index, it is not wise for us to buy precious items from him. Third, we should ask for necessary certificates from sellers. Real and honest sellers always have complete certificates. Fourth, we should pay for diamond after we get it. Some cheaters always ask customers to pay them before they send goods to buyers. But honest sellers can accept buyers’ payment terms. Fifth, after we check the quality of diamond, we pay sellers. If we do not check diamond before payment, we can also be cheated. Sixth, we’d better get goods from Monday to Friday then we have enough time to check the quality of diamond in some professional institution.



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