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Tips for Choosing a Service for Setting up a Virtual Office

  • By Daniel Smith
  • Published 07/23/2012

If you are starting a business in Ireland, but are not yet prepared for renting or buying business premises, or do not have adequate financial resources for it, a virtual office may prove to be a good solution. It may also be suitable if you are planning to run your business from your residence but do not want to use this address for business purposes, as it would hinder the corporate image of your business.

A virtual office provides a business address in a respectable location and a telephone connection. It may also offer a host of additional services, like returning calls, accepting deliveries, providing meeting facilities, and so on. You need to choose the right provider for these services. How do you choose a virtual office? Here are a few things to keep in mind when making a decision in this regard.

Determine your requirements. Do you just need an address for mail or deliveries and client communications? If so, a simple service providing a virtual office address would be adequate. However, if you need to answer calls from customers, you would need this service along with the virtual office address. It is necessary to analyse the type of business you own and operate, assess the requirements and determine the services according to this.

Check the additional services available. Do you need a space to meet clients or customers? Do you need a venue for networking? Do you need call answering services? Whether you are setting up a business in the virtual world or setting up a virtual office while operating the business from your home, ensure that the provider offers the right ancillary services for you.

Visit the premises. Enquire about the premises that the services offer as virtual offices for new businesses. If possible, visit the place and talk to the employees. This would give you an idea about whether the premises suit your business image or your business brand. Your customers or clients may not visit the premises; however, it is better to opt for a proper business location for setting up a virtual office.

Understand the cost. Opting for a virtual office in Dublin is more affordable than renting or buying business premises. However, it is necessary to understand the monthly costs associated with this. If you require a comprehensive solution, the provider may offer an appropriate package for this. If you require only a few services along with the virtual office address and telephone number, enquire about the charges of these specific services.

Clarify every clause in the contract. Read the contract carefully to understand the details of the agreement. Pay special attention to the clauses regarding costs and contract period. Also, focus on the terms and conditions regarding the method to cancel the contract. If you are unable to understand any point in the contract, make sure you ask about it before you sign the document.

Choose the right service provider for setting up a virtual office and running your business with its address.

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Daniel Smith has experience in working as a consultant providing advice and guidance regarding the way to create a company in Ireland. If you are looking for more details about setting up a virtual office for a sole trader a partnership or an Irish limited company, he suggests you visit http://www.cadima.ie/.



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