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Tips for Essay Writing on Tests

  • By Daniel Millions
  • Published 03/6/2009
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Essay writing is a skill and common project for any student. Some students enjoy writing essays while others prefer taking tests. Regardless of what students have preference in, some professors require essay writing on tests. This causes a nervous breakdown for many students who cannot imagine being able to write under a time constraint. While this may seem difficult, there are a few things you can do to fully prepare for writing an essay on a test and actually delivering a successful test essay. When tests require essay writing, they are often looking for the ability to communicate through writing under pressure and to present their understanding of a given topic. Know the topic: Some professors are kind enough to provide a prompt with several questions that can possibly be on a test. Others provide the exact test question while some professors do not offer any clues about what the test may ask. It is your responsibility to understand the purpose of your class and know the major points of various topics discussed. If you are given a prompt with questions, make sure you are familiar with each question and the topics revolving around them. Ask questions: If you do not understand every idea from your class or reading material, expand on it by asking questions to your professor or peers. The last thing you want is to come to a road block while writing on the test .

Gather information: When i

t comes to essay writing on a test, familiarize yourself with the readings and take notes on the reading material. Professors reiterate key points during lecture that can be found in the books. When you gather information, jot down ideas from the books that answer prompt questions or relate to topics. Usually, you know ahead of time about the test so give yourself enough time to prepare. Prepare outlines: After you gather information, create outlines for each question or various topics discussed in class. Do not attempt to write out every sentence but rather key phrases that you can remember for the test. It may be useful to know how to start and conclude each topic. Create thesis statements: Each question or topic of essay writing on a test has a specific goal and you should develop thesis statements that will outline what you intend to prove for each question. This will be the easiest part to remember during your test and once you write down your thesis during the test, you will know exactly what you have to say. Study your material: Once you create outlines and thesis statements for test essay writing you should review everything a couple days before the test. It is basically like memorizing for any other test but this time the way you write matters as well.

As long as you prepare a head of time for essay writing on tests and keep an organized procedure for preparing, you will be familiar with what you need to write. Your success is your responsibility; therefore, you should take measures to write clearly and effectively on the test.



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