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Tips For Freelance Writers

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 02/13/2013
  • Article Writing

Freelance writing is a field that can be challenging and occasionally stressful to begin in. It also can be the most rewarding, exciting and fulfilling profession that one can find. So rewarding and exciting that as you are continuing in the field, you might say to yourself, “Why didn’t I do this before? Here are some tips to help you succeed in the field. Be Professional- As a freelancer, you are representing and promoting yourself. You might not come across many on-site interviews, but that still does not mean you do not have to be presentable and professional at all times. A professional email address can really help with that. As much as you might like being partygirl24 or beerdrinker35, prospective employers who have an image to present, might not hire you based on your address. Have something professional like your name or as close to your name as possible. Be Courteous- When you are responding to employers and clients, it is important to show that you are interested in the job, but don’t be demanding or aggressive. That can be a real turn-off and you can make yourself a negative name in the field before even getting started. It never hurts to follow up or ask questions, but be courteous, friendly and professional when you are connecting with these people.

Be Open- When you send in that first p

iece, and congratulations on that when it does happen, expect it to be edited, and edited and then, edited again and assume it to perhaps be turned back in to you with a slew of notes or maybe expect it to be rejected all together. That’s OK. Feedback is always fantastic, especially when you are new to the field and you might need all the helpful hints you can get. Don’t be so in love with your work that the first piece of constructive criticism that you get, you throw a huge tantrum and quit. You will be critiqued. Expect it. Be Published, Anywhere- This doesn’t mean that you have to be published by the biggest houses in the country. Not at all. It just means that it never hurts to have published written content available if asked for some samples. It shows that you can write and definitely well enough to get published somewhere, quite frankly anywhere. Blogging is a great place to start. You probably will not make much money at all to start, but that shouldn’t be the objective. It is a great starting point to write, build an audience and to get published and then go from there.

Be Forward Thinking- When it comes to freelance writing, the amount of money you can make depends a lot on how much business you can drum up for yourself. Do not just sit there in front of the computer and expect business to come your way. Go out and look for it. Market yourself and promote yourself as much as you can. Your future is all up to you.



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