Tips for Good Boudoir Photography

Boudoir pictures are sensual photographs that hint at, rather than scream sexuality.  These are not pornography, but rather a highly suggestive form of art.  Boudoir photography, therefore, can be a sizzling hot and highly personal gift for a lover or even for yourself.  Below are tips and suggestions for both photographers and models for taking the best possible Boudoir photographs.


First and foremost, be comfortable with your photographer.  Any reputable photographer will welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your concerns and what you want out of the photo shoot, so ask to set up a pre-shoot interview.  If you have a friend you would be comfortable with taking the photos, ask them.  If you are not comfortable, the tension and nervousness may come through in the pictures.

Again, for comfort, you may want to take a friend along to the photo shoot.  Sometimes having someone you know and are comfortable with around for the session can make you more relaxed.  One great idea is to make a group reservation with several friends who want to do some boudoir photography.

Consult with your photographer about hair and make-up.  Whether you will be doing this yourself or if those services are provided at the studio, you want to look your best.  One tip for women with medium to long hair – wear it down.  Shiny, healthy hair splayed out behind you or even cascading down your back can be very pleasing.

Wear loose-fitting clothes the day of the shoot.  Tight clothes can leave pressure marks on your body that take a long time to smooth out.  Also, especially if you have already done your hair, remember to wear a button-down shirt rather than a pull-over.  You don’t want to mess up your hairdo.

Pick suggestive, sexy clothes for your wardrobe.  You want items that fit and show off your form, but it is just as important that you are comfortable and relaxed in them.  Aside from lingerie, consider wearing a jersey from your man’s favorite sports team or one of his button down shirts.  Those are two things that will drive most men wild without revealing much of anything at all, so they may make a great first wardrobe to get you comfortable with the process.


Think soft, diffuse light.  Harsh or direct light can turn even the most perfect supermodel into a bad photo subject.  Keep the tones warm and the lighting indirect.

Protect yourself.  Make a copy of the model’s state-issued ID that clearly shows she is of legal age.  If you feel nervous about asking for this, you can state that it is required for insurance purposes or make up a similar reason.  Even if the woman is clearly over the legal age, you do not want to get the reputation of being the photographer who does not check.

Take a few glamour shots before the main shoot begins.  Use these shots to change the lighting and to make sure that there are no unwanted shadows.  You want the model’s face to be clear and shadow-free.

Give praise and encouragement to the model throughout the shoot.  She will probably be somewhat uncomfortable and nervous, so make sure that she knows she is doing a good job and that she looks great in the pictures.  Keep it both honest and believable, though.

Focus on the eyes.  There is nothing sexier than a desirous look in a woman’s eyes.  If you can capture that, you will make the very best boudoir photos possible.

Vary the poses, camera angles, and amount of the body in frame to capture the best aspects of the model’s figure.  No one’s body is perfect, but we all have great features.  Capture these, and you will capture the best pictures.  If your own imagination is not enough, check out a book on drawing or even an art book of old masters to learn the classic poses.  These poses will help you make better choices during the shoot.

With model and photographer both following these tips, the boudoir photography session will go smoothly, and the results will be fantastic.  The resulting pictures or album will be a total joy for whomever the recipient is.


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